What are the most popular types of mobile games?

Written by Nigel Simpkins

In recent times, gamers have witnessed the production of more sophisticated and hugely detailed games than we’ve ever known before. This improved all-round offering hasn’t just impacted the console gaming space either, with smartphone gamers now tucking into a wealth of options as and when it suits them thanks to smartphone’s gaming’s on-the-go package. 

Alongside sharing breakfast snaps on social media and swiping right on dating apps, gaming on a mobile phone is a go-to option for so many people. It’s certainly cheaper than other gaming products, too, with casual gamers simply not wanting to splash the cash on a powerful console device such as a PlayStation 5. For starters, it isn’t cheap. Then, to make it an even more daunting prospect, the average game on a PS5 is hugely detailed and requires the time and attention the average casual gamer simply doesn’t have. As such, a wave of smartphone gaming products appeals to a large portion of the public, especially as they’re easy to access and provide a genuine dose of fun and entertainment as and when it suits people. 

But with so many mobile games entering the space on a continual basis, what types of titles are potentially best suited to you and your gaming needs? In order to help you decide, let’s assess some of the most popular genres of games in the mobile gaming sphere below. 


MOBAs, or multiplayer battle arenas, provide real-time strategy and action gaming to create the ultimate product for many mobile gamers. Players generally have the opportunity to control a single character, while also discovering their unique skillsets as they attempt to reign supreme against other players online. Popular MOBAs on smartphone are Arena of Valor, Vainglory, and Mobile Legends. Not only do you need to master the controls to launch successful attacks against your opponents on these types of MOBAs, but you’ll also need to place a great deal of emphasis on strategic play.

Online casino games 

Away from the options available in Google Play and the App Store, mobile gamers are discovering the benefits of casino gaming on a daily basis. Not only do these types of products provide entertainment, but people can also win real money through options such as online slots at William Hill Vegas. Many of the top casino game providers also feature classic table games, such as poker and blackjack, alongside live casino gaming options that mimic a casino’s offering in the flesh with the addition of a dealer. The games in this space have certainly progressed a great deal, too, with renowned developers such as Playtech, NetEnt, and Micrograming bringing out more detailed releases on a consistent basis. 

Battle royale

Similar to MOBAs in some respects, battle royale games offer players with the chaos and mayhem many crave. Recent success stories in this particular genre include the likes of PUBG Mobile, especially when factoring in the gigantic maps and the variety of weapon configurations that are on offer in such products. Not only are battle royale games fun, but their detail makes them intriguing. Other popular options in this particular genre include Fortnite. 

Trading card games

Referred to as TCGs by some, trading card games put a players’ deck of cards against fellow players from a particular community. Cards are generally divided into tiers, and it’s essentially about picking the best line-up for a specific match-up. Popular products in this space include Hearthstone, Elder Scrolls: Legends, HEX: Shards of Fate, Shadowverse, and Eternal. These types of games generally combine fast play with strategic thinking. 

Other popular types of mobile games include puzzle games and MMORPGs.