Tech trends that are transforming the gaming industry

Written by Nigel Simpkins

In the past decade, the world of gambling has rapidly evolved. This is due primarily to the development and growth of the internet. The popularity of online gambling is evident globally, and most cultures find the practice an acceptable form of adult entertainment. In this article, we would like to delve into some of the technological trends influencing the industry. 

State-Of-The-Art Tools

The average client may not realize how many tools are added to a quality casino site to make their experience a positive one. There are many. Some tools are provided to help a player learn the games and fine-tune their skills. While using these tools, a player can improve their odds. Examples of these types of tools may include:

  • Blackjack Strategy Calculator
    • Analyze any Blackjack hand and learn how to improve your odds of winning
  • Poker Odds Calculator
    • Used to determine your chances of winning based on the cards you drew
  • Betting Metrics
    • Allows you to record and review your sports bets over time to improve your skill level

Other tools built into an interface are very important to the customer but often never considered. Some examples include:

  • Cybersecurity
    • This is a continual process of working behind the scenes to keep your computer information safe and secure. The cybersecurity on a casino site is extremely high-tech and requires up-to-the-minute software. This allows a customer to use the site without fear of being hacked. Casino sites are encrypted for your protection. You know this by looking at the URL line at the top of your screen. The left side of the URL line should have a picture of a lock. This is the symbol of an encrypted site.
  • Multiple payment options
    • Casinos must maintain the highest standards in payment methods. Because they have a global market, they must take payment options that are available in multiple countries and multiple languages. They utilize the use of credit cards and also debit cards. They usually allow bank transfers to fund a player’s account and pay them when they win. That means their system must be designed faster and deeper than most other industries. Without high-speed internet, they could not do these things in a timely manner. 
  • Mobility
    • Before technology entered the gaming world, to play casino games and slot machines, a person had to visit a brick-and-mortar casino. That is, if there was one where you lived and if they were legal there. Today, people can easily access casinos from their home or office computers and tablets. They can also play their favorite games from their smartphones or androids With quality mobile apps. Mobile apps allow them to keep up with sports scores, check lottery winnings, and play when they are not around a computer. 
  • Data
    • Software programs allow industry giants to compile huge amounts of information from their websites. This information goes beyond how much money was bet and paid out in a certain period of time. They can gather demographics, which games are favored, is there hesitation at any point? They can analyze your playing behavior and use the information to provide you with a better gaming experience.

High-Tech Design 

Casino games must be current, exciting, and above all else, they should be realistic. Virtual Reality allows a user to feel like they are in a special place when they are experiencing online gaming. New games are continually being introduced. It is a constant race to stay ahead of the competition. 

Cloud gaming is a major breakthrough in this area. Professional game designers and developers maintain state-of-the-art games with cloud gaming. For the customer, this means the best online casino games, virtual games, and slots without ever having to download the game to your computer. This single technological creation opened the world of online casinos for millions of people.

Customer Service

With high-speed internet, it is possible to have customer service agents available for customers when they are needed. Customer service agents can be reached via chat or email when a customer has a question. If they need help setting up an account, understanding a game, or checking on a win, support is there. The use of email and computer translation programs can allow one group of people to help customers who speak various languages. Service is better, so customers are more apt to return. 


While the casino industry has experienced unrivaled growth in recent years, the coming years show even more promise. People have grown accustomed to the immediate gratification that internet access allows. People choosing career paths in programming, digital design, and business will find fantastic opportunities in the gambling industry. Technology has changed the casino industry. But don’t look away yet. We predict the best is yet to come.