We could see a marvel gaming universe soon!!!

Written by Doc

E3, San Diego Comic-Con and Gamescom have all gone by so far into 2018. One nugget of information was missing in all three conventions though. That being what is happening with this avengers title that is being published by square-enix? The project itself was announced via a trailer last year, but nothing since that.

The only Marvel related game that fans have been hearing about on a regular basis is the Spider-Man game set to come out in September, it really is insane how much is in the game.

This along with this lack of information on the Avengers project has sprung something to the forefront. Are Marvel developing a gaming universe?

For one the fact that any Marvel character could have been chosen by the developer, yet they went with Spider-Man. Although, this makes sense as Peter Parker has been known to mingle with the likes of the Avengers down to more street level heroes like the Defenders. Also this 8 years that Peter has had to be Spider-Man means that you can fit anything between 8 years ago and now, for example there are nods to the wider Marvel Universe within the game, like the Wakandan Embassy and The Sanctum Santorum from Doctor Strange.

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Image courtesy of comicbook.com

This would make financial sense too as the Marvel brand and the characters within it are more popular than ever, therefore while there may not be micro-transactions announced to be within the game yet. It could be argued that further down the line there could be downloadable story quests involving the likes of Black Panther and/or Doctor Strange.