How many people gamble online?

Written by Nigel Simpkins

Statistics show that an incredible 33% of those that gamble in Britain will visit a casino or betting site online, and the figure is rising.

This means that online gambling is actually the largest gambling sector in Britain, and that tops the revenue generated by the National Lottery, high street betting and the traditional bricks and mortar casinos.

This percentage shows us how much we have moved to our computers in order to place a bet, and even that is changing format.

In 2017 there are actually more people using their mobile devices in order to source their favorite online game, and if we look at bingo as an example it will be surprising to many how popular the online version of the game has become.

This is mainly due to the fantastic advancements we have all enjoying in technology as well as the hardware we can now buy at a reasonable cost in the high street.

Britain has a long history of playing bingo and many of us can remember the bingo callers at the fairs and seaside resorts of yesteryear, that is if we care to admit to being that old!

Today’s online versions are a far cry away from the old-fashioned bingo halls and the ‘blue rinse brigade’ persona. In fact more younger women play bingo online via their mobiles than any other age group, and this could be because of a couple of reasons.

Bingo has always been and still is an incredibly social activity with the fun chat games lie at the heart of each session, and today’s online bingo sites go a long way to encourage this tradition. Sites use experienced chat hosts to help the games along and there is even a chat etiquette to stick to when you join an online bingo site.

Trying to add up how many people gamble world-wide is a difficult job but there are some statistics that have been prepared on an in-depth market analysis which includes data given by the gambling industry.

The problem of finding out exact numbers can be put down to individual countries having their own gambling rules, as not all countries are equally fond of gambling with some nations heavily restricting the residents of that country from having a bet.

What is certain is that people no matter what their countries laws are on gambling will find a way of having a bet as it is in human nature to do so. Life itself is a gamble, and if we take a look through history we can see that gambling has been with us since historical logs began, so it’s no wonder that in todays competitive world online gambling has found its niche.