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Viral Video: Serenading cattle with a trombone

This is one strange video, one of those which you would show your friends – have a laugh and play it again.

This is one strange video, one of those which you would show your friends – have a laugh and play it again. I’m not sure whether I find it amusing or not, it’s one of those viral videos that you understand why it’s gone viral, but WHY? Somewhat like that “I’m in me Mum’s car, broom broom” Vine.

The video

Okay, so a man in the middle of a field with a trombone. Of course he’s going to play it, maybe not so realistically guessed that he would start playing Lorde’s Royal’s song. All starts off well, with a lovely view in front of him, when a herd of cattle start appearing from the distance. Sorry, but you’ve got to laugh at that! The video just gets better and better.

Somehow though, I’m not quite sure how this was so successful and went viral in such little time. Either way, with such a strange title, it’s going to encourage you to watch.

Four minutes and 15 seconds of watching a man serenade cattle. You’ve heard of snakes being serenaded by the more delicate of wind instruments, shows something when a trombone can have the same effect on a larger animal.


Never read the comments before watching the video, watch the video first and then read the comments afterwards. At least that way, you can understand what people are trying to put across. And you won’t instantly judge a video because of something someone has said.

I love reading the comments, sometimes they have me in tears of laughter. My favourite comment from the video is: “My trombone brings all the cows to the yard…”

I admit, I probably shouldn’t find it as funny as I do. 

Another commenter put: “I never would have thought a farmer would like Lorde, I was expecting him to play Willie Nelson or something like that.”

Rather stereotypical? But it does seem that apparently the trombone sounds like a cow’s mating call. We learn something every day! As you can probably see, the comments for this video just get better and better. I’ll applaud anyone who manages to read all of them, bearing in mind that there’s over 1,000.

The wonders of a trombone

With more than 1,000,000 views, and far too many likes – this video has done so well. I just had to put it as this week’s viral video! Something you’ve probably never seen before, and probably would love to see in person. If I was there, I definitely would’ve ran away as the cattle approached.

There’s probably a handful of views who have now decided they need to buy a trombone to try out the wonders this man had created. I won’t be one of those, but I’m sure after showing this viral video to friends and family, you’ll know someone who loves it and probably comes out with the words: “I want to do that!”

Buy them a trombone for Christmas.

I love this take on this week’s viral video, it’s something so different and really interesting to watch. I’m bound to be watching it whenever I’m bored. A farmer, Cattle, Trombone and Lorde make one good video.

What do you think of this week’s viral video? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo: YouTube