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Viral Video: Game of Thrones song played by Queen’s Guards

Yes, the title says it all! Game of Thrones lovers will adore this video.

Yes, the title says it all! Game of Thrones lovers will adore this video. I love it, even though I’ve never actually watched Game of Thrones, the Queen’s guards playing the theme song! Not something you see every day, it just had to be the choice of this week’s viral video.

The comments

As expected, a vast array of comments were made about this video. Some good, and a lot of criticism… It seems to me that Game of Thrones fans are loving it, whereas others are complaining that the guards aren’t paid to “mess around.”

One commenter said: “The tax money hard at work…” with a reply of, “They’re going to play a song anyway, who gives a crap what song it is.”

Maybe people are acting a little harsh on this situation? A popular comment which also made me smile was: “Just so long as they don’t play it at the next Royal Wedding.”

With just under a thousand comments, I don’t agree whatsoever with the majority of criticism presented over this video. I love visiting London and occasionally hearing the guards performing (not as fancy as in this video though)!

The video

Heading onto the video itself, it must’ve been amazing to see such a tremendous performance. I’m slightly jealous of any visitors who were able to see it in person! Yes, the video has shown us, but it is completely different to actually being there.

The choice of anything and everything to cover, but the Game of Thrones theme was chosen. It was a good move. The American fantasy drama has been the talk of 2014, which makes me feel very secluded as I’ve never watched it!

How can you resist?

The Queen’s guards, dressed up in their usual attire, playing a typical drama which has somehow, hooked us Brits. Do tell more! I’m intrigued to know how they managed to maintain a straight face while performing that. I’m sure the public spectators were either stood with their mouth down to the ground, in shock, or with every electronic device which has the ability to capture this rare moment.

Who knew that this video would go viral over the weekend? Well, it was bound to be certain… *Raise your hand if you wish you were there*. As for the Queen, does this mean that she’s a Game of Thrones fan? If so, then the Guards surely must’ve made her day.

No need for the criticism of it being a waste of money. Everyone’s entitled to as much fun and change as they wish. The guards work endlessly to protect Buckingham Palace. I couldn’t stand there for hours and be in sync when performing, definitely not when it comes to the Game of Thrones theme.

Overall, this video will definitely have you questioning whether you love it or hate it: Marmite is not included. Personally, I love this video and as it’s already extremely successful on YouTube, it would be silly of me to scroll past it and choose something less viral. 

What do you think of this week’s viral video? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo: YouTube