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Social craze: men #SlutShaming women on Twitter

In 1920s Britain, the women’s suffrage movement had peaked. After the role of women during the First World War, Britain finally allowed women to vote.

In 1920s Britain, the women’s suffrage movement had peaked. After the role of women during the First World War, Britain finally allowed women to vote. This was an incredibly milestone in British history for women, but how far have we really come in modern day society?

Nearly 100 years later, we still shame women who have sex. Why?


Probably because we hold petty conservative traditions within our culture. Should we hold these traditions? No, especially when they denigrate a huge part of society. People are still sexist without even realising it and “slut-shaming” has become proof of this.

By pure coincidence my story centres around 3 women in Bristol. Two of them were found to be having sex in a car park outside a Bristol club (“El Divino”) with two other men. A passer-by was so disgusted with what he saw, as you would be, he decided to take a snap and post it on Twitter. The picture itself is revealing to say the least and quite clearly both couples are doing the deed.

It’s what came from this picture that surprised me the most. “F***in slags!!!!! #SlutShame”, grieves one user. “Is this a joke? I can’t believe Bristol girls!! #SlutShame!” frets another.

I scroll through the comments, 100 or so posts later I find nothing but hate for the women, #slutshame tags soaring up my screen and “lads” complimenting the totalled men lying shamelessly on the floor with the women on top.


I couldn’t even muster any words to describe what I was feeling. The best thing I can say is hypocrisy. These women had been shamed for an act that, I hope, any human would feel embarrassed about. However, these women were the only ‘embarrassment’ in this story.

I myself do not condone this kind of behaviour, but why are the men “lads”, “heroes”, “unreal”? And the women “sluts”, “whores” and “slags?”

To judge this kind of behaviour based on sex alone is not only sexist, but it almost facilitates this kind of behaviour for men, but not for women. What does that tell you about our society? It almost screams: “Men can never be shamed, but they can place shame on others.”

That’s unequal, prejudice – wrong.


Another Bristol girl was having a threesome, it’s when one of the men asked to take silly pictures that she became the next #SlutShame victim. These pictures caused another viral ‘sensation’ to storm social media.

“What a #Slut! As if she’s posing as well?! #SlutShame,” tweets one man. “Does anyone know who this Bristol girl is? Recognise her. #SlutShame,” asks another. The girl ended up being named and shamed.

While the men who also posed naked and having sex were shrined with compliments from other inspired men across social media – it’s disgusting. To insult these men would be childish. I’ve seen many articles insult their looks because clearly the writer is angry at them for what they’ve done to the girl yet see no consequences themselves.

The real problem

That’s the real issue though. Men see no consequences to this, only reward. This behaviour shouldn’t be condoned, but it should not be praised either. It’s like the men in these situations are praised beyond belief and the girls have an equal amount of attention yet it’s all negative.

It’s time people started equally shaming all the individuals involved. It’s embarrassing and degrading if a woman does it, and same for a man. Look at them equally. The woman isn’t doing anything worse than what the man is doing. Condone the whole thing if you’re going to, or praise all of it.

However, praising one and belittling another simply because of their sex is sexist, prejudice and against modern day values.

What do you think of #SlutShaming? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo: Maryland GovPics / Flickr