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Top 10 Universities to find love

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Written by Emmi Bowles

A recent survey conducted by the University of Surrey shows that 36% of people meet their lifelong partner whilst at university.

The most romantic of universities is Edinburgh with over 50% of students finding love in the Scottish capital, with Bristol and Liverpool in joint second place. But Manchester and southern city Plymouth are nowhere to be seen on the top ten list.

The survey also shows that 43% of people also meet their best-friend at university with 37% of them still in contact with them even at the age of retirement.

Is your university on the list?

Check out the top ten cities for finding love at university below.

1. Edinburgh (53 per cent)

2. Bristol (46 per cent)

3. Liverpool (46 per cent)

4. Cambridge (42 per cent)

5. Norwich (42 per cent)

6. Durham (41 per cent)

7. London (37 per cent)

8. Oxford (36 per cent)

9. Birmingham (36 per cent)

10. Nottingham (35 per cent)

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