Review: If Katie Hopkins Ruled the World

TLC’s new series hosted by Britain’s ‘most hated woman’, aired on Thursday at 10pm.

If Katie Hopkins Ruled the World is styled on a chat show where, each week, Hopkins and a panel of guests pose a motion as to what they would get rid of if they ruled the world. The audience then votes on whether or not they want to pass the rule.

This week

In the first episode of the dubious show, Katie was joined by Mark Dolan, who chaired the debate, TOWIE’s Gemma Collins, columnist Liz Jones and comedian Paul Foot.

The rules put forward by Katie and her panel included:

  • Charging ‘fat flyers’ extra on planes
  • Banning ‘baby on board’ car stickers

Although many viewers probably felt too guilty to admit it, I watched the show out of curiosity but found myself laughing out loud and, bizarrely, enjoying it. The topics discussed in the first episode were actually not that offensive. Maybe TLC are easing us in.

The debate around banning ‘baby on board’ stickers was playful. Paul Foot and Gemma Collins’ rule that if you want to succeed you need to take care of your appearance and body odour was nothing controversial.

Perhaps the most offensive topic surrounded the idea of charging larger people extra when getting on a plane. This has been a point of contention with Hopkins in previous articles and TV appearances, as well as being tossed around by the media. It seemed in bad taste and something that should be put to rest. 

The night included funny moments and many took to twitter using #KatieRule tweeting their favourite lines of the show including Mark Dolan,

An interesting question

Although many viewers were probably expecting to tune in and disagree with Hopkins, her first rule did provoke some interesting debate – ‘women should not propose to men.’

There was no right or wrong answer. On the one hand, the panel argued that we are in the 21st century and equality should be equal, therefore women should be allowed to propose to men. Then again, Gemma Collins agreed with Katie, saying that men have become far too feminine and there is no such thing as chivalry anymore.

Still a flop

Despite #KatieRules trending on Twitter, the show has been criticised for drawing in a measly 68,000 viewers.

This could be because too many people are unaware of TLC as a channel. Or, simply, they thought they would be offended and didn’t want to subject themselves to hearing more of Hopkins’ defamatory opinions.

On Twitter the show received more positive comments than negative with the general public agreeing with Katie.




It is unclear whether the show will continue or become more popular. Those returning to watch it regularly might be surprised to find themselves agreeing with Britain’s ‘most hated woman.’