15 Things That You’ll Remember If You Grew up in the 90’s/Early 2000’s

Written by Siobhan Divers

Who doesn’t like some nostalgia? And a reason to escape the present (uni deadlines, money problems and annoying flatmates though amiright?)

As if we even need a reason to look back and reminisce – with Maroon 5 paying tribute to iconic Nickelodeon show Spongebob Squarepants at the Superbowl last weekend, we decided to dig out some cringe, what-now-seems-crazy-to-even-think-about memories that only people who grew up in the 90’s and early 2000’s will remember..

1. Viewmasters

Clicking through the same 14 images from The Little Mermaid was entertaining back in the day okay…

2. Inflatable Chairs

No room was funky enough till there was an oversized inflatable chair blocking the exit tbh.

3. Paperdoll Heaven

We all became stylists, designers and fashion experts through this website, lets be honest.

4. Bebo

Changing your bebo skin constantly was a must.

5. Razor scooters

There was no pain worse than these weapons attacking your unsuspecting ankles.

6. Ringtones

Enough said.

7.  The (limited) hours of free texting

Remember when you only had unlimited texts after 7:30pm on weekdays so if someone texted you at 5pm you had to wait to 7:31pm bcos same.

8. And making up new abbreviations that somehow never caught on

Me: Hieeee

Friend: Hey

Me: Hows u? Wuu2?

Friend: Nmu?

Me: same

Friend: G2g dinner

Me: K

9. Lets not forget the chain messages that everyone’s auntie still sends on

My bad luck probably stems from not sending one of these in 2007 to be fair.

10. Springs

It was all fun and games till it got so tangled it couldn’t be saved. RIP.

11. Furby

You weren’t a 90’s kid unless you were terrified of Furby murdering you in your sleep #fact.

12. Scoobies

I bet no-one has seen one of these for at least 10 years tbh.

13. Limewire

Risking your computer’s life was absolutely necessary just to download one song…and it was always worth it.

14. Gaming was…different

Snake > every other game

15. And the 90’s produced the best  TV shows

The petition to bring back Bananas in Pyjamas starts right here…