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The story behind the #TWelfie craze

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Written by GemmHirst

Having not covered the social craze in a while (I know you all missed me) I was intrigued to see what all you lovely twitter users had been up to during this week.

And speaking this week, that seems to have been the inspiration for this week’s trending hashtag or should I say #.

Many of you had been watching the television programme of BBC’s The Question Time, which was responsible for the #TWelfie.

Not twerking, working and selfie put together (which was what I had thought originally) but meaning to take a TV Selfie.

The trend takes off

As Andrew Neil persuaded viewer’s to take part in a voluntary social media TV frenzy, asking us to tweet selfies with your TV using the hasthag #twelfie.

You certainly did take part and became a part of the programme, tweeting ridiculous pictures of yourselves with your TV.

See, sounds silly now when I have put it like that.

Here are the rather embarrassing results:




















There you are. It surprised me how vain everyone can be, as many of you were willing to take a photo of yourselves standing next to a TV. Just so you could be on the TV…

I suggest next time that you guys stick to tweeting, twerking and taking selfies.

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