The best things you can do with the cool USB flash drive 

USB Flash Drive
Written by Nigel Simpkins

USB flash drives always offer a portable option to store information and back up files. But as cloud storage is taking over, the flash drives are not really in vogue for common purposes. But it is still cool, and there are some smart things that could be done with the USB flash drives.

The Perfect Rescue Drive

With the advent of new viruses and malware, it is possible that your system got infected from the network. Till the time you use Antivirus to eliminate the problems, and Windows is not accessible, you can use the USB flash drive as a rescue disk and destroy the viruses.

Game on! The process is a bit tricky but your humble drive can get it done!

Use the Drive as RAM

RAM is integral to every computer especially in terms of speed and performance of a system. But did you know that you can leverage a USB flash drive as a RAM in Windows 7, 8 and even the latest Windows 10! It is handy when the system is slowing down and the flash drive can affect a quick speed boost. It also adds memory for efficient application management. Microsoft already boasts of the ReadyBoost feature that can enhance the speed and performance of Windows using flash drive as RAM.

Install Linux distribution with the Flash drive

Linux distributions can be easily booted from CDs but now people use live USBs instead. Get the software for your distro and burn the image of the information to your flash drive. This gives an option to test out and install Linux. USB drives can also hold and handle more data than CDs thus allowing techies to install stuff that is too large to actually fit on a disk.

Run Portable Apps with the Magnificent USB Flash Drive

It allows all Windows users to bring their favourite application programs within a flash drive. You do not have to boot up the system. The flash drive renders a portable “Start” menu with support for limited applications

Partition hard drives

USB flash drives can aid people to re-partition the hard drive of your PC. Although the partitioning process is difficult when the OS running from the hard drive, booting from a flash drive reduces the risk considerably, ensuring a proper process.

Browse the web safely

The apps or the OS can be run from a USB stick, but you can also eliminate browser history and eliminate its track when you are browsing the regular web or even when accessing the deep web. Tails OS, which is actually an incognito system can be run easily from a USB drive while eliminating all kinds of traces of your activity.


A word of caution while using custom USB flash drives in multiple ways. Do not stuff data with gigabytes upon gigabytes while using the stick. Do not overwhelm the device with incessant stuff and processes. These devices are handy for a host of processes but one should take care while transferring information and also in storing data in it.