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Summer Date Ideas

With so much free time in Summer it’s the perfect opportunity to ask your other half or even your crush out on a date. But what can you do or where should you go? I’ve sourced some of the best Summer date ideas, from a casual picnic to a romantic dinner with a twist.

Outdoor Ideas

lake with forest

The type of date you go on is, obviously, up to you. For the most active couples, perhaps taking a trip to some of Britain’s much loved hiking areas, such as the Peak District or the Welsh mountains, is a good shout. Grab your walking boots, jump in the car and enjoy some fresh air and beautiful scenery together.

Even if you don’t feel like taking a trek, why not go for a stroll and take a picnic? Source out their favourite snacks, find a romantic location and wait for the sun to shine or even set. Kayaking, rowing or even sailing also make for interesting and active dates for the Summer. Grab a lesson in something totally random together or take an interest in something different that they might like. Whatever you choose to do outdoors, make sure you’re up for a laugh and some fun- don’t take anything too seriously!

Days Out


National Trust properties make a great location for a daytime date, weather permitting. The houses and parks give you something to focus on in moments of social awkwardness and the cafés give you a little time to talk.

The classic date idea of going for drinks in a bar is also a contender, but perhaps alter this for the Summer season by going to a pub and sitting outside with a couple of drinks. There’s something relaxing about sitting in the sun with a drink, it’s a great way to unwind and makes a fantastic atmosphere for a little romance.

If history or heritage isn’t really your thing and bores you, it could be an idea to head to a theme park for a thrilling day date. Be careful though, at peak times almost every theme park faces horrendous queues (often skippable through paying for extortionate ‘fast passes’) so you could end up spending most of your date hot and frustrated (not in the way you might hope) that you’re not getting enough fun for your money.

If the rain hits…                                                                             

Unfortunately, the sun doesn’t always shine so you might want to play safe with an indoor date. Feeling nostalgic? Fight off the rain by planning a date that rewinds to your childhood: go to a pottery shop and make each other a mug or take a trip to laser tag for some fun.

For something a little more intimate, stay in with a movie or Netflix and some snacks and popcorn. Perhaps a date idea for couples or second/third dates, but just staying in and watching a movie is actually a really nice time to get close and be comfortable around each other.

Alternatively, grab dinner with a trip to the cinema (a completely typical date) or make it more original by seeking out a pop-up open air cinema around the country. These are great fun, allow you to bring your own food and set up the perfect opportunity to do something classic with a Summery twist.

If you’re not a film fan but still enjoy drama, why not head to the theatre? London hosts a fantastic variety of amazing shows all year round, but Summer is a great time to catch a matinée and enjoy something musical like The Phantom of the Opera or The Lion King, or a show with a bit more bite such as The Woman In Black. For music lover, it’s an awesome idea to go to a concert for a date. What better way to bond with someone than over music? Plus, the exciting environment makes for a great atmosphere and a thrilling event to enjoy with a partner or crush.

Whatever it is that you decide to do, make sure to take the other person into account. They don’t like heights? Then don’t plan a date to a theme park! Make the most of the summer and the freedom with a little Summer fling and fun in the sun.