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My Dad, My Hero

For most people, their biggest inspiration in life is usually celebrities or sports personalities but for myself, my biggest inspiration in life has to be my dad. Some people look to fame and fortune as life goals and for people they aspire to be. The biggest thing I want from life is to be a good person, someone who my family can be proud of and being like my dad would be an amazing honour. Its hard to put into words how I feel about him. He’s more than a father, he’s my best friend and my hero.

My dad is one of the most hard working, caring and honest men you could ever be lucky enough to meet. When me and my brothers were just toddlers, he worked full time whilst doing his Degree and then Masters part time, just so he could get a better job and be able to financially support his family. Everyday, he’s worked a little harder, just so we didn’t have to. This gave my mum the ability to be a stay at home mum, before then going back to college herself to follow her dreams of becoming a nursery nurse when we were in our early teens.

From a young age my dad has always taught me that I could be anything I wanted to be, and has always believed in me, even when others didn’t. His support has driven me to become the person I am today, when I’ve been down he’s always been there to pick me up and push me forward. 

When I was studying for my A-Levels I was knocked down and made to believe I couldn’t achieve my dreams, I started to believe I wasn’t good enough to go to University. Instead I planned a career working as a sales assistant in my local call centre.

However, my dad knew this wasn’t the life he had planned for me, he told me “there’s no harm in trying, and you can only ever do your best so you may as well give it a shot”. From then he pushed me to pursue my original plans of going to University and with his help and sacrifices he managed to financially support me through my studies, meaning I can now stand proud being a Journalism Graduate. Thanks to his guidance I managed to complete a lifetime accomplishment, and as he would say “now you have that, it is something that no one could ever take away from you”.

With his wacky jokes, his love and support in my life, I feel like there’s nothing I couldn’t face.

Dad’s know best

Every parent faces struggles, especially when their children reach their temperamental teenage years, for my family these years were no different. I fell in with the wrong crowd which often resulted in moody tantrums, sneaking out past my curfew and that’s before even mentioning ‘first loves’. 

Most girls can agree, there’s nothing more attractive than the bad boys, I met my ‘bad boy’ when I was sixteen, much to my dad’s dismay. This boy was amazing, well so I thought, he was older, had hair that used to flop over his dark smoldering eyes and even wore the stereotypical black leather jacket.

However, I ignored my dad’s advice and ended up getting my heart broken a mere four months later when he ran off with my best friend.

Even after all the arguments, the groundings, my dad never once said “I told you so”, instead he’d wrap his arms around me, tell me everything was going to be ok and that there was plenty more fish in the sea. I still remember crying over my heartbreak and I knew my dad was secretly relieved but he sat me down and told me “he wasn’t good enough for you, it will take a lot more than a handsome face to be good enough for my Princess”. This is something even at 23 he still calls me, I may have grown out of my rebellious years and matured but in his eyes I’ll always be his little Princess and no matter how old I am I’ll always need my dad.

We’ve had our ups and downs but my dad has always been by my side. He has taught me so much about family and respect, I know now what unconditional love really means. Family are the people you cannot choose but even if I could, I’d still choose my family because they are amazing. My dad is the pillar that holds us all together and he is the most inspiring person I know, even as a child I thought he was Superman and he never fails to make me believe that he is. He’s my real life Superhero.