My Life In Music, with style editor Sian Bradley

For most people, music is one of the most important things in life. It can inspire you, fill you with joy or even make you cry. But different music affects us all in different ways. Each week, I interview one of our writers or editors about the impact music has had on their life. This week, I talk to style editor Sian Bradley about her life in music. 

Describe your taste in music in three words.

Funky, fresh, throwbacks.

What’s your favourite musical genre?

I can’t classify my music taste by genre because it’s pretty varied and my chosen vibe is dictated by my mood. If I need to feel a bit sassy, it’s old school R’n’B, and reggae or Motown for happiness, for example.

Your favourite band?

Agh, so many. The Streets are one of my favourites. What they do is just quite different.

Your favourite song of all time?

I have a long list, but ‘On Melancholy Hill’ – Gorillaz will always give me them good feels.

What was the first album you ever bought?

I think it was B’Day by Beyonce. I was, and still am, quite in love with her and her sound.

First gig you went to?

Pink, for a birthday present. She swung down on some ribbons, I was singing my heart out and it was great.

What was the last song you listened to?

The Four Owls – ‘Not Like Before’.

Which musicians do you admire? Do you have any musical role models?

I admire many musicians, but none are my role models. I admire musicians that are doing something quite different right now, such as King Krule, but also anybody who I feel has passion for their art.

What’s your opinion on music videos?

Seeing the music video the first time I listen to a song is my worst nightmare; I think they can really shape how you hear the song and what you make of it. Otherwise, I like them if they are clever and artistic because they are a visual example of the artist’s expression.

In your opinion, what’s the most annoying song of all time?

There are a fair few out there, but one that comes to mind is Maroon 5 – ‘Moves Like Jagger’. It was played to death when it came out and I always felt like screaming. Another winner here is Flo Rida – ‘Right Round’. Spins me right round – the bend. (HA). Woah, who actually remembers Cher Lloyd – ‘Swagger Jagger’? So many…

Who do you think is the most overrated band out there?

One Direction, personally. Their music was like nails + chalkboard.

Where do you find new music?

Mainly on Spotify, either through their browse option or suggested artists.

Do you play any instruments?

I used to play the cornet (pretty much a small trumpet) but that’s where my musical talents stop.

Rock or pop?

Rock 4 lyf.

Classical or heavy metal?

Classical. That sort of music gets me so pumped to do work.

What song will always cheer you up?

UB40 ‘Red Red Wine’. It was the song I chose to play at my sister’s wedding. M.I.A ‘Paper Planes’ will also always give me the good feels.

What song always makes you cry?

‘Truly Madly Deeply’ – Savage Garden. I don’t have a clue why.

What’s your musical guilty pleasure?

My “Cheese” playlist on Spotify. Features hits from Westlife, Toploader and Britney Spears.

What does music mean to you?

A great deal. I’m not a massive fan of silence. It’s basically a soundtrack to your life and it’s what I need when I’m feeling most down, or most happy.  

What do you love most about music?

How it can change or enhance your mood, how it brings people together – and the feeling a good song gives you.

If you could sit down for a chat with any musician (dead or alive) – who would it be?

Lana Del Rey or Jimi Hendrix. Both cool people who I would love to know more about.

Tell us your best musical memory.

One of the top memories actually happened recently. I went to Parklife with my friends and we had a moment to Chemical Brothers, was pretty magical. 

What’s your best musical memory? Tell us about your life in music in the comments below!