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Review: Corkcicle Tumbler

Written by Chloesayers

I’m a huge fan of hot drinks, especially when the weather’s cold. When I came across the Corkcicle Tumblr from Root 7 available for sampling, I had to try it (I’ve got a bit of a Tupperware/ flask addiction). It claims to keep drinks hot for 3 hours and chilled for up to 9 hours. I haven’t got as far as trying out the chilled drinks as it’s not really the time of year for that! However I decided to take the Corkcicle with me for a trial run road trip recently.


It doesn’t have a handle, which can be a disadvantage if, like me, you try and carry your travel flask with your 20 carrier bags. However the advantage of this is that it fitted perfectly in the cupholder of my car without the annoyance of a handle getting in the way. Also, I got the copper one, which is fairly stylish enough on its own and a handle might cramp its style! Another disadvantage is that the outside doesn’t generate any heat, so I couldn’t use it as hand warmer. However, this is also an advantage if you’re prone to burning yourself on mugs. The lid is clear, which I think suits the design of the cup and personally I quite like this, as it’s easier to see how much drink you have left. The small size that I sampled is 473ml, which I think is perfect for a road trip/ use at work. It also has a non-slip bottom to stop you accidentally knocking it over onto your desk, perfect if you’re as clumsy as me!


One thing I like about the Corkcicle is that it doesn’t produce as much condensation as other flasks. I certainly agree that it keeps drinks hot for 3 hours as marketed, in fact even longer in my case. My coffee was kept so hot that I couldn’t drink it all in an hour, so I thought I would see how long the other half would keep warm for. It was still perfect drinking temperature after 4 hours, which is quite impressive. The lid is certainly sturdy, and didn’t leak when I took sips from it, a problem I have often struggled with in the past with other competitors and ended up turning up to classes absolutely drenched in coffee. I noticed I couldn’t tip it too much without a tiny drop coming out, however I wouldn’t trust any travel flask loose in a bag.

Overall, I would recommend the Corkcicle to anyone looking to invest in a decent travel flask or for a gift idea. I noted Corkcicle also sell whiskey wedges and wine coolers, which I may have to try out when the weather warms up!


You can purchase the Corkcicle Tumbler and their other products at Root7