Preview: Silent Uproar – A Super Happy Story (About Feeling Super Sad)

It’s funny, those two words – happy and sad – are totally the opposite of each other. So how can we have a happy story about feeling sad?

Jon Brittain’s (Margaret Thatcher Queen of SohoRotterdamWhat Would Spock Do?) new production, A Super Happy Story (About Feeling Super Sad) is about a happy person dealing with depression.

Silent Uproar are staging a show that has been described variously as being like a packet of Skittles if it were a food, and it were a day, it would be a really good Friday night.

Hidden illness

The play follows Sally Turner who is a happy person. A rather upbeat person, she is always the life and soul of any party – she doesn’t let things get in her way and almost never cries. Yet she has an illness that sometimes stops her from being that person, and she wants to hide it.

Rich Sutherland, Marketing Manager, said:

“Mental health affects us all, from the occasional dark cloud to the horizon looking bleak and scary. This show addresses and explores depression in a way that’s accessible, eye-opening and, most importantly, energetic and fun. Influenced by Pixar movies and the Scott Pilgrim comic books, it’s a serious subject turned into an enjoyable night out.” 

This is a brand new show from Silent Uproar about the battles of having a mental illness and our fear of what people might think. Fused with elements of comedy, cabaret, live music and sketch comedy, it is going to be a silly yet sad show.

Well supported

The show has been made with the support and help of the New Diorama, Fruit, The Marlowe Studio Theatre, Slung Low’s HUB, City Health Care Partnership, Arts Council England, Hull City Council, and the ‘A Nation’s Theatre’ scheme partnership between the Guardian and Battersea Arts Centre.

The show is going to be on at Fruit in Hull from 20-22 April and then the New Diorama Theatre in London from 24-25 April 2016.

For more information about the production, head to their website.