New Music Monday Issue #10

New Music Monday – bringing you new music with all the tricks and flicks of a helicopter over Mexico City whilst James Bond punches the lights out of the pilot.

Spring King – Who Are You?

Spring King, the best and (so far) only band I’ve ever made a ninja movie with.

The group’s previous single, ‘City’, gained mass media attention after Zane Lowe made it the first song ever to be played on Apple’s Beats 1 radio station – quite a feat for a band just starting out in the world.

‘Who Are You?’ continues the fuzzy precedent set by that track. The guitars, bass, and drums bounce around to a retro back beat that feels almost Beach Boys esc, whilst singer (and drummer) Tarek Musa croons along in his almost trademark FM radio vocal effect.

‘Tonight, I just want to be somebody else/somebody new’

Slutface – Shave My Head

Spoiler: they don’t shave their heads.

Slutface are a delightful throwback to the 00ies garage rock era. The Norwegian band channel The Hives, The White Stripes, and in particular the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, to make riotous, fun songs about I’m not quite sure what.

‘Shave My Head’ is a rip-roaring example. Singer Haley Shea’s smooth yet gritty vocal chords lead the band through just short of three minutes of non-stop teenage energy.

Tuff Love – Carbon

Third in this week’s list and dropping the tempo down a little are Glasgow’s own Tuff Love.

As a two-piece guitar and vocal unit, the band draws easy comparisons to Kettle favourites Girlpool. Stylistically however, the band’s dreamy reverb laden sound is more like that of Warpaint – especially given the addition of a drummer to the mix.

‘Carbon’, as the band put it, is ‘very gentle and silvery’, ‘about different kinds of family and the things that can tie us together’ – a possible reason as to why the song was originally titled ‘Fuck Trolley’.

The Clear – The Cashier

More of a cinematic number to finish.

‘The Cashier’, as hinted by the title, tells the story of a bank robbery from the view of a disillusioned bank worker.

Complete with police sirens, the band makes an atmospheric, escapist number out of a typical indie-rock template. The dreamy vocal lines in particular sound like they’re from a vintage bond movie, fitting for what could easily be the soundtrack to a 70ies heist.

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