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Coming home for Christmas

The thought of moving back home for Christmas after three months living at university is daunting to some people, so here are some tips to help prepare yourself for what’s to come… 


There is a high chance that since you went away to university someone has stolen your room or you parents have decided that your room can be the new guest room. So you either now have to share or you have to feel totally out of place in the room that now has cream walls.

But don’t worry over it, soon you’ll be back in the room that is all yours and has everything you need after you Christmas break. But until then you have to deal with rooming with a sibling. Word of advice, anything they want, let them have, best to save on arguing.

Remember you can also make the room even a little of your own, even for the short amount of time that you are going to be in there for. Add some cushions or photos. Maybe even someof your favourite books and DVDs. You never know you might need them for when you go back during the summer.


After having to spend a few months cleaning up after yourself you feel a great appreciation for your parents. Heading home for the holidays occasionally means that you don’t have to do as much of the cleaning, a definite plus. But don’t let yourself get lax with it.  Still help with washing the pots or even doing the laundry, there is a high chance that if you stop doing it at home it’ll seem even worse when you have to do it at university. Plus your parents will be expecting you to be able to clean even better now that you have had practice at it.


Watching TV in your own flat means that you have the ability to record whatever you want along with watch whatever you want. However, being at home is a completely different story. Instead of the usual watching whatever you want whenever you want, you now have to comply with the rules that your parents have on the TV. They are now the ones in charge and they are always watching something at the same time your TV show is on.

Your spot

Suddenly the place you have sat in for 18 years before you left is gone. Either a sibling or your parents or sometimes even the dog has taken over the spot you held for years. It’d be easy to argue that it is your space but that’s a line that is never going to work. You have to accept that you officially no longer live there and the ever present rule in life is “on your feet lose your seat”. – A valid rule that allows for you to sit in your own seat without argument from anyone. 

Going home for Christmas is a good chance to reconnect with friends and family and to take some time for yourslef. So try to enjoy it. If you start to getting annoyed by all the changes, just remember it wont be long till you are back at university.

Are you already thinking about the move back home? Let us know your tips in the comments below!