My guilty pleasures in music

Justin Bieber, Little Mix and One Direction are not words that usually appear in my musical vocabulary but in the season of hyped-up pop promo I’ve found myself willingly downloading tunes from those very artists.

Yes, it seems that their marketing techniques are working and on the rise to the festive period, God knows what will be on my Christmas list – hopefully none of those mentioned above!

It’s my guilty pleasure. I know I shouldn’t really be listening to 1D or the Biebster but for some unknown reason… I am.

Actually, I do know why these artists are on my iPod. It’s because their songs are so damn catchy.


Little Mix 

Who would have thought that four lasses singing in tune could get stuck in your head? I class these bands as teenyboppers – bands that little fangirls should be listening to, not 20 year olds.

But I can’t help it. Even as I write I find myself singing: “L.O.V.E love you the way you give it to me…”  Just a simple chorus that’s been repeated many a time throughout this song has managed to wangle its way inside my head, and it will not budge. I congratulate Little Mix for doing that.

One Direction

From Little Mix to One Direction, anyone who knows me will know that I love to take the mick out of them all the time. Let’s be honest, these guys are only in the business because they look good, and once that starts to deteriorate I’m sure we’ll all move on. But for now they’re still here, though I find it hard that they’re still allowed to call themselves One Direction as clearly all the boys are not heading the same direction *cough cough* Zayn Malik. 

Anyway, not wanting to upset the Directioners, I’m about to make a confession. Embarrassingly, I am a little bit of a One Direction fan myself.


When they want to, these guys can sing really well. All of their voices come together as one perfect sound – it’s as if they’ve been created by angels. The way they tell a story and are able to bring emotion and passion into their songs is something special, and I don’t think many bands manage to do that.

Maybe that’s the reason why all the girls scream?

Speaking of which, let’s move on to an artist who is guilty of doing just that.

Justin Bieber 

Not an artist I think of when it comes to great music.

Yet recently I’ve been rather impressed by the work of Justin Bieber, in particular his song ‘What Do You Mean?’  


It’s totally different to his past tracks. Remember ‘Baby?’ Now that’s something no-one ever needs to hear again! I’m glad that he has grown up and learned the errors of his musical ways. He’s starting to create some music that’s actually listenable.

I just cringe when I see his name on my iPod.

I hope that all the other tracks on my iPod aren’t offended to be sharing playlists with the likes of these cheesy but good pop songs.

What are your guilty pleasures in music? Share them with us in the comments below!