Most Eclectic Tracks in our Music Collections

Everyone has those random tracks in their playlists that showcase their eclectic tastes, so our top music Kettlers are sharing theirs!

Everyone has those random tracks in their playlists that showcase their eclectic tastes, so our top music Kettlers are sharing theirs! Gemma gives us her Top Ten:
Rather Be (ft Jess Glynne) – Clean Bandit
This is the tune I wake up to every morning. It is a motivational song that puts a spring in my step and makes me smile and want to dance and that’s even before I have started the day.
Thanks to BBC Radio 1 DJ Dev, I listen to this song on my way back from university. After a long day it just puts you in that chill out mind frame. I also listen to this tune coming back from my trips to London. This may not be a track to listen to if you have had a bad day, but it can wind you down after an emotional one.
Defying Gravity – The Cast of Wicked The Musical
You should all know by now that I am a MAM, that’s right I am Mad About Musicals, specifically Wicked. This is the song (I am not afraid to admit to Kettle) where I turn the volume up, grab a brush and mime in the mirror pretending to be Elphaba. Because Wicked is coming to the North East next year, I best get practising!
These guys are my musical boyfriends. They put a spring in my step and a grin on my face. You can just put this tune on whilst making yourself lunch. Do what I do and pretend it is a microphone and sing along with The Overtones. And although your singing may be under the tone, it does not matter just have fun with it.
The Carpenters vs Grime (Top of the World) – Frisky and Mannish 
As if I don’t harp on about these guys enough, it is not a surprise that they are in my eclectic playlist. Frisky and Mannish are just something else when it comes to music, cabaret-pop-musical-educators, one big barrel of musical fun.
Stay The Night is a song that I have to listen to whilst getting ready for a night out, it puts you in that party vibe and ready for a good time. I like the way the track builds up so it means by the end of the song I am truly ready to party. This song is pure addiction. It’s like a musical drug which does no damage to you.
Strong – London Grammar 
Okay, hands up who has those horrid early starts that uni like to call 9am? It is not great, getting the 7am bus to be at uni for 9am it not the best of days. But by listening to London Grammar it means that at least I can start to wake up. On the bus I am almost half asleep and by listening to this song it just gets you ready for the day, just gently nudging you into it.
I listen to this song because it reminds me of London. I look around my old city of Newcastle and although I do love it, it is getting dull and dreary and it needs a face lift. So listening to Robbie Williams’ version of the Fred Astaire classic just reminds me of the razzle dazzle of London.
One Of Those People – Matthew Floyd Jones
Matthew Floyd Jones, aka Mannish from Cabaret Roulette: Science (a Must See Show that I reviewed), recently brought out a new EP called Enter Mickey Jeronmio. I think this is one of my favourite songs from the album.
Listening to it, the music starts off slow and mysterious and as Jones becomes angrier about these types of people who select the salad and then eat a Cornish pasty at the station, the music follows with him and becomes increasingly faster and aggressive in tone.
Okay so this is the song for when I am really, and I mean really, sleepy. It just wakes you up, acting as a musical slap in the face. I can guarantee it will get you ready and sorted for the day within an hour. Just get your boots on with the right amount of leather and do yourself up with a black colour liner and strut yourself to work or uni sharpish.
Which songs showcase your eclectic tastes? Let us know in the comments below!
Image: Mela Sogono