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7 types of people I can’t stand in the library

So I have taken the time, effort and I am making the move to the library. Staying at home just does not cut it as I am sure watching episodes of Friends will not help me get this work done.

So I have taken the time, effort and I am making the move to the library. Staying at home just does not cut it as I am sure watching episodes of Friends will not help me get this work done. I get there to find all of the most irritating people from my uni have collectively decided to gather on that day in the library.

Here is my list of what I can’t stand in the library. 

People who use the macs just because they look better than the PCs 

By doing an art based course, this means that I need to use software like Photoshop which my uni have only been able to get a few mac computers with the software on. So you can understand my frustration when I see people using them for their work when they don’t even go out of the Microsoft Office package. Oh I’m sorry I didn’t realise that the advanced maths syllabus now requires Photoshop or Lightroom! 

The Shoe Removers 

I have even given them their own name. They are the people who insist on taking their shoes off when they are working in the library. The worst are the ones who don’t have socks on and their feet are just chilling there for everyone to see. The really bad ones are the people who then put their bare feet onto the desk! I have mentally made a note of all desks in my library where this has happened. I understand that you might do that at in the comfort of your own home, but not in a public space, thank you. 

Chatty Cathy’s 

I am not one for saying that the library should be so quite that if a pin were to drop then everyone would hear it, but it does start to become a joke when you can hear someone on the phone who is on the other side of the hall and down the corridor from you. Then whatever the person is being told is always hilarious and they can’t stop laughing. Is this really necessary? I think you should take your phone and answer that call outside please. 

Happy Campers 

Personally, the library is not a place where I would think to spend my entire day. I just get bored and then my A* skills of procrastinating come into play. I don’t even have a problem with people who do that either but what does grate me, when people take over the entire shared desk area and then a couple of PCs and then some floor space. How can someone need that much space—do they really need to bring the entire contents of the Tesco’s snack isle? 

Smelly People 

This one does sound a little mean but you all think it—people who clearly have not showered for at least a week should not be allowed in the library. I have also been known to see, said smelly people, double up as a Shoe Remover. That was not a pleasant experience. I am sure that if I had scent vision goggles that there would have been smell waves coming from this person’s feet. 

Personal space invaders 

They know the limits as does everyone, but they are adamant on sitting as close to you as physically possible without sitting on your lap. There are desk dividers for a reason and there is no need to either cross them or move your PC closer to mine. I have also had an incident where someone was a merge of point 2, 5 and 6. I think it is now clear why I now don’t spend a lot of time in my uni library. 

Social Media Addicts 

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Towards the end of the year the library is inevitably going to be busier than the start of the year, so the PC facilities are a little bit of a fight to get but nothing is impossible until you meet the social media addicts.

These are the ones who use a PC to sit on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for the entirety of their trip to the library. I have even seen a queue of people waiting to use the PCs and the social addicts still don’t budge. If that was all you were going to do couldn’t you just do that at home? Or if you wanted to use the Wi-Fi then sit on a sofa away from PCs.

What are some of your pet hates? Have your say in the comments section below.