Top 5 songs for your ultimate road trip playlist

We have all been there, done it and possibly have the T-Shirt. Of course I am talking about the spontaneous road trip. You know the one that you go on with your family and everyone either has their own headphones plunged into their ears or the car is silent because you cannot find the perfect song that you and your family will enjoy.
Well fear not because Kettle has solved that problem for you and given you five top songs for that long drive.
Ramin Karimloo: Broken Home
Still a Broadway star, he has played many roles in Les Miserables such as the leading role of Jean Valjean and Phantom in Phantom of the Opera. Yes, Ramin Karimloo turned his talent to creating his own album and producing a beautiful song called Broken Home.
This track is a great song to listen to at the start of your journey, putting everyone in a good mood with lyrics such as “The world is waiting, but ships are sailing,” it puts you in that mood of adventure.
Tom Cochrane: Life Is A Highway
Now this is a tune and a half when it comes to driving. Not just because it was used in the Disney movie Cars, although that had a big effect when I was researching the playlist, but because it is an anthemic song.
If you are ever on Route 66 all you need to do is wind the windows down, put it on full blast and sing a long (if you can).
Tina Turner: Rolling On The River
Loved this song when Beyonce did it, loved it when it was used in Flushed Away, but nothing beats the fabulous diva that is Tina Turner. If you are driving along a country road and all you can see are trees, then trust me, you will need something to jazz up your journey.
Tina Turner is totally more interesting than trees, it is such a big tune that you want to get up and dance. Sadly you can’t dance as you are in a car but you can do little shimmy of the shoulders or a little hand jive, making sure that you don’t do a danger to yourself or anyone in the car of course, but it is a song that you and your family can have fun listening to.
This is a song that my folks told me about and thus enjoy listening to. It is an empowering song that makes you feel like a rock star whilst on the road to your next concert.
It is possibly the best song that features the best guitar riff ever, if the sun is shining put on your shades, put on this track and drive into the sunset. Money for nothing will make you feel like one cool dude.
Whigfield: Saturday Night 
Admittedly, and more embarrassingly for me, I still cannot drive, but when I will be able to the roads will not be safe. I joke of course, but seriously when I do get a car this tune will be on. 
If you are not a fan of Whigfield and you do want a lift from yours truly then I will be nice and change the track but this brings me back to the good old 90s and though very much like Tina Turner you can’t dance to it, you certainly can join in to chorus and will entertain you and your passengers whilst on a long road trip.
What is your favourite song to drive to? Have your say in the comments section below.
Image: Jon Rawlinson