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Meeting the parents? What you can get away with – and what you can’t

So the time has come to meet the parents. Do not fret, sweat or run to the hills. You can do this. It’s simple. Just follow these handy dos and dont’s. Most of them are dont’s …but that shouldn’t put you off. Not if you are serious...and if you are meeting the parents then it probably is serious… 

Don’t for one minute when his/her mother answers the door exclaim, “Oh you must be XXX’s sister? They never fall for it. Especially when she/he is an only child. Although they might smile to themselves curled up on the sofa later.

Don’t call his/her father sir. Just don’t. Unless he is one obviously.

Treat them – all of them

Do bring flowers…chocolates… AND then give them to your partner. Parents like to think you know how to treat their little chicks.

Don’t bring wine…unless you are giving it to the parents. They don’t like to think you are trying to get their off-spring shit-faced…because let’s face it, you probably have an ulterior motive that they don’t wish to think about.

Be open minded… 

Don’t slag off any careers. Apart from the fact you don’t yet know what they did before they do what they do now; they like to think you are open minded and would work at anything.

The same goes for religion…

Do wear comfortable clothes. You never know what jobs you might like to volunteer for while you are there.

…But not that open minded

Don’t bring a change of clothes. You aren’t staying the night. Don’t push your luck.

Offer to make the coffee. If you can manage not to look astounded when someone suggests they drink coffee without milk, you are alright as an intended.

Don’t mention your husband/wife. Unless you’ve told their child first. Common sense really.