Album Review: The Feeling

After three years since their last album, The Feeling are back with their self-titled fifth studio album. This time things are a little different, with the album being recorded live in just a few days. Making the decision to record a live album is a risky move for a band. It requires a strong connection between all band members and an understanding of each other’s skills and habits. However, for a band with nearly twenty years under their belt, this isn’t an issue.

In our interview with frontman Dan, he explains the choice to record a live album being a desire to “capture that live energy in a really honest way”. And honesty is definitely what you hear in this album. There’s no ambiguity behind the lyrics. Even if you’re not a die-hard fan, there’s a certain feeling of trust associated with listening to the depth of a well-formed group.

Starting the album off with the single ‘Wicked Heart’, you know you’re in for a treat. Having listened to this album on and off for the last two weeks, this track is the one that always comes back into my head. The lyrics are simple but the tune is gloriously catchy. There is a certain pattern with some of The Feeling’s tunes, like ‘Feel Something’ and ‘Spiralling’ that start with melodic chords and a slow start and evolve into certified pop/rock tunes. That being said, the pattern is no bad thing. If anything, you look forward to the build up and the excitement that comes with the drum fills and power behind Dan’s vocals. 

The live element of the band really comes through in the track ‘Young Things’. Listening to this feels as if you’re in front row seats at a stadium tour. Whereas ‘Let It Be Gone’ shows off the almost operatic tones to Dan’s voice and gives a deeply eloquent and emotional side to the album. 

This album contains twelve very enjoyable tracks that are great contenders for any car or ‘walking to uni’ playlist. The fluidity in genre means that there is something in their songs for everyone: expressive lyrics, impressive vocals, catchy choruses, and a rocking guitar solo or two. It’s hard not to find something to love when listening to such a professional and detail orientated band. When asking Dan for just three words to describe the album he chose, “honest, lively and melodic”. It doesn’t take long to realise the truth in this simple summary. When thinking back to their huge hits like ‘Love It When You Call’ and ‘Fill My Little World’, The Feeling have consistently provided catchy and enjoyable tunes from the tracks that found their fame to this album; a love letter to their dedicated fans. 

Are you a fan of The Feeling? What do you think of the new album? Let us know in the comments below!