Kettle’s Women’s season

Welcome to Kettle’s Women’s season – a season of articles and video Dedicated to..erm… women.

So over the next few weeks, Kettle writers will be focusing their efforts to celebrate women – their achievements, their successes and their strengths. We will also be highlighting some of the issues women face and how difficult it is, in a male dominated world, to create anything in life outside of the traditional roles of wife/mother/object of desire.

Additionally, we would also like to recognise the successes made by women who are celebrated less often: ordinary women. Every woman who has had a positive impact upon themselves or upon another should be celebrated. Every woman that supports their family, their friends. Every woman who bares and raises a child, creating a family and another generation. All women should be celebrated. With our Women’s season, Kettle hopes to celebrate all women – the famous, the ordinary, the world leaders, the school teachers, the mothers, the daughters – because all deserve recognition for their successes.


Women’s Season: An interview with visual and performance artist, Rachel Gadsden

Rachel Gadsden talks to Kettle Mag about her work in the Middle East, projects at home and whether she sees a gender divide within the arts world.

Why does baking still have a feminine stigma?

Baking is not just for women, and the success of the Great British Bake Off shows why.

Marta: The best women’s footballer of all time

Nathan price takes a look at the fascinating career of Marta. The all time World Cup record goalscorer and best female football of all time.

Women’s Season – Is unisex clothing truly unisex?

Fashion is exploring gender blurring whereby clothing is deemed as unisex. Catwalks and campaigns have been quick to put men in heels and dresses but where are the women walking in men’s shows?

My favourite woman in music: Taylor Swift

As part of Kettle’s women’s season, Music Editor Lorna Holland explains why country star turned pop sensation Taylor Swift is her favourite woman in music.

It’s great to be a woman…sometimes

KettleMag gives ten ‘tongue in cheeky’ reasons why it is great being a woman in 2015…and why sometimes it isn’t

Women’s Season: Being a male feminist

Feminism isn’t just a cause for women – it’s a cause for equality between all genders . Time then for it to be embraced by all. This piece was co-written by Joshua Daniels and Camila Vergara.

My favourite woman in music: Carole King

As part of Kettle’s Women’s Season, culture editor Ellie Leddra tells us why Carole King is her favourite woman in music.

Are men objectified as much as women?

Halimah Manan examines Natalie Dormer’s claim that TV opens men up to as much objectification as woman.



The top ten women in F1 right now

As part of Kettle’s Women’s season F1 editor Holly Wade looks at the top ten females gracing the sport right now

Why women are the future for journalism

As part of Kettle’s women’s season, Alex Veeneman examines the issue of women in journalism from the perspective of Kettle editors, and asks what this says about the issue of gender in journalism.

Favourite female character: September from Catherynne Valente’s Fairyland Series

If you could be any female literature character who would you be? Laura Noakes shares why she would choose September from Catherynne Valente’s Fairyland Series.


Our obsession with Disney Princesses: where have all the real women gone?

Mina Green discusses perceptions of female body image on social media through the ‘Disney Princess’ trend.


It’s time to talk Vaginas

As part of our Women’s season, Health Editor Rebekah Chaplin explains how the taboo surrounding vaginas is affecting the female population’s health.


Inside the Mind of a Girl Gamer

The ramblings of a girl gamer discussing how discrimination, specifically homophobia and sexism, affects the girl gaming community.


My top 7 albums from female artists

As part of Kettle’s women’s season, Scott Wilson talks about his favourite albums with female leads.


How 5050 Parliament is talking about gender politics and why we should listen.

Sian Bradley speaks to Francis Scott of the 50/50 parliament campaign.

Top Five Classic Female Authors

Madiya Altaf looks at her favourite five classic authors for Kettle’s Women season.



Slut shaming: How women are held to a different standard than men.

Sian Abigail looks at the slut shaming of promiscuous women.


The woman behind Maxim’s first man

Lauren Wise takes a look at Kate Lanphear’s success, and the reaction to her new post as notorious lad mag Maxim’s new editor-in-chief.

Why women’s sports are under-reported in the media

As part of women’s season, Jessica Wells examines the reasons why women’s sports are under-reported and how the media can change this.


Bic’s blunder: A regression in gender equality.

Bic’s Women’s Day campaign causes outrage with advert that says “look like a girl, act like a man”.



Miley Cyrus: Overly sexual or an empowered woman?

Miley Cyrus is one of the most controversial stars of our time. As part of Kettle’s Women’s Season, Laura Brown considers if Miley’s overly sexual or actually an empowered young woman.

The Rose of Versailles: the most inspirational female anime/manga character

Video Editor Silvia Paoletta explains why The Rose of Versailles aka Lady Oscar is such an inspirational woman among the anime/manga characters.


Is the glass ceiling still an obstacle?

For our Women’s season, Business editor Kirstie Keate looks at the age old problem of the glass ceiling and asks if it’s still a problem for women in the workplace.


Where are all the women?

The big fashion houses seem to prefer male creative directors, but their customer base is predominantly female. Why are women not rising to the top?


Is the feminist movement still relevant today?

Rebecca Marrow and Halimah Manan explore how feminism can still be relevant today.



My 5 greatest female, literary characters of all time.

As part of Kettle’s Women’s season, Laura Noakes tells us of her most inspirational female figures in literature.

Hollywood, pay inequality, Are female film stars getting a fair deal, or does pay inequality dominate Hollywood?

Writer Busra Mutlu investigates whether female stars are getting a fair deal in Hollywood.

Can women propose to menOf course women can propose to men!

Stop with the stigma and let women propose to men, says Halimah Manan.

Kiran Gandhi, Kettle mag, Is the stigma of a woman’s period irrelevant?

After Kiran Gandhi ran the London marathon without a tampon, Nadene Chandler asks whether the stigma of a woman’s period is irrelevant.

Kettle Women's seasonWomen’s Season: why celebrate women?

To launch Kettle’s Women’s Season, which will remember women’s achievements and assess the progress of gender equality, Women’s Editor Kayley Gilbert asks, “Why should we celebrate women?”

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