Jennifer Lopez, her video and the equality debate

The ‘around the way girl’ who is now the queen of the Bronx returns with the second video  from her 10th album scheduled to be released on 17th June through Epic Records.

The ‘around the way girl’ who is now the queen of the Bronx returns with the second video  from her 10th album scheduled to be released on 17th June through Epic Records. For those who are still clueless I am referring to Jennifer Lopez (otherwise known as J.Lo).

The world will be watching closely to see the evolution of J.Lo, as she releases her future album and videos. I checked out J.Lo’s latest video release and I love the concept and twist in the video that accompanies the song entitled, I Luh Ya Papi.

I believe Lopez is easing in a strong underlined message with the hope that her audience reads between the lines, as she conveys her take on women’s equality by addressing how women are portrayed in this male dominated music business and turning the tables. J.Lo also continues this by having women lusting at scantily dressed men in a way that is palatable for those who otherwise may not entertain such a message.

You cannot please everyone

Arguably there will be those who will find this video offensive or degrading to women, or will take the stance that the message is lost in the glitz and glam of the visuals. However the fact that it has become a conversation piece is evidence that it will serve a purpose setting the stage for us as the audience to not just look acceptingly at videos but to actually think about what we are visually digesting.

On the strength of these two releases I am honestly not that impressed with the musical artistry that is being presented. Yes, like many of J.Lo fans, I will be tuning in because her presence has been missed in the musical arena, as well as my thirst for viewing her fashion statements and being curious to see if Miss Lopez can still cut loose on the dance floor.

Same ole same ole

Unfortunately, this musical offering thus far seems to be a replay of Jenny from the block along with Jenny stuck on the block. In this sense, there appears to be an artistic blockage that needs to be cleared. No conceptual growth is what we have been presented with so far, it’s the usual suspects—the familiar scenes on the block or on the stoop or on a yacht, with dancers slightly tweaked.

I sympathize somewhat with artists because there is that saying of ‘if it isn’t broke then don’t fix it.’ Record company and artist management jargon to keep the money wheel turning and sometimes audiences will critique change harshly, voicing complaints of not being able to understand an artist’s direction when they veer off into unfamiliar territory, therefore stifling the artist’s creativity to experiment and flow in their growth, especially if sales do not reflect and match a new direction.

However, being true to your gift includes growth even nature shows us that being stagnant leads to death eventually. However, this is only the second track release from her anticipated album. I’m sure that this album will be on heavy rotation throughout the coming summer months, so hopefully J.Lo will introduce us to other areas past the block.

What do you think of Lopez’s latest video? Is it offensive? Have your say in the comments section below.