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Jack Whitehall insults #MeToo movement at the BRITs: Twitter reacts

Written by Emily Baker

For the most part, I, as a woman, felt proud and inspired to see so many white roses on the red carpet for the BRIT awards last night. It was a picture of solidarity, defiance and respect for all women.

I say for the most part, because although Jack Whitehall wore the rose whilst hosting the show, his words didn’t have the respect to match.

He said: “Usually when people break up it’s all crying, eating and revenge porn”.

Not only has he normalised the crime by turning it into a joke, but he’s sent a message to everyone watching: revenge porn is ok. This is apparent from a quick flick through Twitter, because one user hailed it “quote of the night”. He may be a comedian, but that’s no excuse for encouraging sexual misconduct.

As if laddish men need any more encouragement to disrespect women after they sleep with them. I wasn’t alone in voicing my disagreements:

Unsure on what revenge porn is? Let me explain: it’s a recently passed law, and breaking it involves sharing private sexual material, such as a nude photograph or video of someone without their consent.

It’s a blatant display of disrespect, and one I won’t stand for on my TV screen or anywhere else.