ITVBe; a channel for the worst kinds of entertainment

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Written by Ryan Fuller

ITVBe launched earlier this month and has received a lot of criticism and some praise. ITV described the new channel as “glamour entertainment.” And thia new televiaion station will feature the likes of The Only Way is Essex and Made in Chelsea will grace our screens in the foreseeable future.

My anger stems from not really caring about what other people are doing. I understand that this sounds selfish but I mean it in a television sense. Why would I, or should I, care about the lives of people I don’t know who live in Essex? I feel like an elderly critic but it’s true. There are far more important things happening in the world and to watch a vacuous show just doesn’t appeal to me and I don’t think it should appeal to anyone. To create a whole channel of this reality drivel seems lazy, boring and a waste of money.

Am I being too overly critical? I’ve spoken to a few people who are fans of both shows, and I’ve been told that social issues are addressed. For example, TOWIE star Gemma’s weight. After watching a few clips of Gemma’s bubbly, loving personality, it became very upsetting to watch her cry over her weight after appearing on the show Splash!  Gemma appears very strong. This strength of mind is actually quite refreshing to see on our screens.

Other issues such as Sam Faiers’ Crohn’s disease also raised a lot of awareness. She appeared on This Morning and other shows to raise awareness of the incurable illness that affects a lot of people.

Is it really a good thing?

So maybe I am being too critical. It’s understandable that times change. Maybe the new era of TV is reality? Maybe ITV has become the first big Brit network to create such a thing and its prospects are good? I’ve found that reality TV personifies social issues.

It appears our generation has a fascination with others and their problems, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Personifying Crohn’s Disease didn’t do any harm; in fact it raised a lot of awareness. Personifying Gemma’s weight issue allowed other women who felt equally insecure to become more confident within themselves after seeing how Gemma displays her personality.

There are things I do not agree with in the show, such as the mindless arguments and slamming doors. But if these programmes are actually highlighting social issues from time to time, then surely that isn’t a bad thing? I constantly read how the ‘TOWIE lot’ are vacuous, boring, self-obsessed air-heads.

Not true. I believe it takes a lot of intelligence to manipulate the media. All the cast appears very entrepreneurial; it’s the job of an entrepreneur to be ambitious and self-promoting. And that’s what they’re doing. 

ITVBe isn’t such a bad thing then. If you like reality TV and the shows still address issues that are important to debate and talk about in society, then why not? I have the option to turn it off if I want to. No one is forcing me to watch TOWIE and MIC over and over.

A lot of people complain about new television shows that are appearing on the TV guide, but there are over 50 channels at our disposal now, if you have Freeview, and over 200 if you have Satellite TV.  So if you don’t like it, then just turn it over.

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