New music from Feed the Rhino, Kasabian, Foo Fighters and more…

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Written by Kealie Mardell

It’s a double bill for new music this week as I’m behind on my music updates. These new releases span from the 14th October right the way up to the 23rd. There are some great albums and video stuffed inside so let’s unleash the music madness without further ado. 

Hundredth: Free Mind / Open Spirit 

Hundredth is a cracking little melodic hardcore piece who have recently joined the Hopeless Records family, prompting them to share some of their best videos. The video for “Free Mind / Open Spirit” is a brief snapshot at only 1:47 but it’s still deserving of far more than the 2,000 odd views it has received so far. Taken from their 2013 EP Revolt, it’s worth a listen while we wait for their new album in 2015. 

Feed the Rhino: The Sorrow and The Sound 

I’ve been following Feed the Rhino for a few years now, and they seemed to have disappeared for a while before launching back onto the scene with their 2014 album The Sorrow and The Sound. The title track, released in mid-October, has a haunting melodic sound interspersed with some harrowing screams and could be on its way to becoming one of my favourite Feed the Rhino releases.

Kasabian: Stevie 

Well that one came out of nowhere right?! While Kasabian are a far cry from the hardcore themes of my usual music findings, new track “Stevie” undeniably deserves some recognition for its incredible video alone. The video has a sci-fi theme, featuring a young boy who is born and raised in a laboratory. Fans are pulling it apart for its suggestive meanings and a few of those theories will definitely make for an interesting read. Excuse the lyrical pun, but Kasabian sure ‘live to fight another day’ with this one. 


Foo Fighters: Something from Nothing

The first song from Sonic Highways is available as an instant download when you pre-order the album. I’ve always been a Foo Fighters fan and it’s nice to have some new material. “Something from Nothing” is a bit of a slow starter but as it builds up it’s filled with funky bass lines and Dave Grohl’s distinctive voice. There’s some criticism within the music circles over the riff which sounds all too similar to Dio’s “Holy Diver” but I guess there’s nothing wrong with paying homage to the greats. 

Slipknot: .5: The Gray Chapter

I’ve showcased some of the new Slipknot releases lately but the full album has finally been released! I won’t harp on about this one, just do youself a favour and listen to it. 


Of Mice and Men: Feels Like Forever 

Of Mice and Men are proving themselves to be true metalcore giants. Since the success of Restoring Force they’ve gone as far as securing an opening spot for Linkin Park on their European tour. The new video debuted on USA Today, with frontman Austin Carlile stating: 

“The song is about an internal battle and feeling like everything is crashing down on you, it’s raining down on you, drowning you. It’s a song that we want to empower people to know that everybody goes through storms, everybody goes through trials and tribulations. It’s the focus of how to get out of it, how to better yourself from it, how to learn from it so it doesn’t happen again. Then, if it does happen again, you know exactly how to handle it.” 

Whatever storms Of Mice and Men have faced they’ve definitely come out stronger on the other side and stand proud to share their meaningful message. 

What stirred your music interests this week? Let us know in the comments below!