It’s all about the braids

Written by katiebraithwaite

You’ll have noticed (if you don’t live under a rock) that braids are a big deal right in the beauty world now, thanks mainly to one family in particular… It can seem sometimes that anything the Kardashian/Jenner clan get their hands becomes a big deal, so are we really surprised the way Kim’s chosen to have her hair for the last few months has sparked a major craze?



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Okay, so I’ll put it out there, I think that this trend is amazing. I must admit at first I was a little sceptical about whether it was just a one-day thing or whether it was going to turn into something bigger – and it has! I remember when I was younger and wanting my mum to braid my hair because other girls in my class had their mums do it for them and it looks so princess-like and obviously I wanted to look like that. Yes, my mum could do the standard plaits as such, but she always struggled when it came to the more complex French braids/mermaid plaits and whatever other style of braids/plaits there were.

As I have got older though, I have managed to teach myself the braiding skill and now I find myself asked by my flat mates to braid their hair occasionally. I can understand how some people might think they are a childish hair style or look to go for, but I personally think they are a great alternative to the basic scruffy or messy bun and pony tail. Not just that, but I’ve found when my hair is getting on the greasy side and is due a wash, braids are a hero if you have no time or are in a rush for work. 




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I’ve also read that sleeping in braids helps to stimulate hair! What can you not love about them?! They keep all those baby hairs out of the way when you’re trying to do work and when you’re doing a workout, they stay intact the entire time. God knows how many times I’ve done a workout and my bun or ponytail has started to slip out or fly-aways are sticking to my sweaty forehead (grim, yes but it’s the truth).

If any of you want to wear the braid look but aren’t sure about how to do them, not to worry – there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube and they’re dead easy to pick up. Enjoy!

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