Male beauty trends In 2021: An overview for the modern man

male beauty
Written by C Wolsey

The beauty market has faced many challenges over the past few months, with the COVID-19 pandemic causing havoc and many consumers drastically changing the way they view their appearance as a result.

As restrictions start to lift throughout the UK and many stores reopen, the cosmetic and beauty markets are completely different to the way they were this time last year.

There are now many new trends to consider that stylish, modern men need to know about if they want to look and feel amazing in 2021.

Here are some of the most prevalent male beauty trends that are popular right now and how you can incorporate them into your look. 

Thick Hair

One look that never goes out of fashion is thick, luxurious hair. While hairstyles themselves come and go, having thick and touchable hair never goes out of style. If you’re experiencing male hair loss, then check out this guide from The Treatment Rooms London, a specialist provider of hair transplants and other treatments to improve your hair’s growth. You can find the ideal way to get your hair looking amazing again so you can create your ideal hairstyle. 

Fake Tans

The return of TV’s Love Island has led many men to yearn for a bold, natural tan. Unfortunately, in the UK, it’s incredibly difficult to get that look naturally, as the weather is simply too fickle. Thankfully, there are many fake tanning products that will give you a natural, even glow. Make sure that you choose the right solution and that you follow the instructions carefully so that you don’t have a fake tanning disaster and end up orange. If in doubt, seek out professional support to get that natural glow that you desire. 

An Increased Focus On Skincare

As we start to meet in person again, many individuals have realised that they’ve been neglecting their skincare regimes during the pandemic. Video conferencing tech allows us to blur out imperfections or simply step back from the camera slightly. With fewer events to go to, many men have reduced or given up completely on their skincare regimes. Now, as we return to face-to-face meetings, many men are turning back to luxury skincare products to rejuvenate their visage and make themselves look refreshed. The best skincare products on the market can turn your tired eyes and uneven skin tone into something remarkable, so check out the products on offer and create a customised skin care regime that works for you. 

Unisex Fragrances

Scents that are made for both men and women are rising in popularity in 2021, as brands embrace androgyny and create fragrances that anyone can enjoy. Many luxury brands have embraced unisex fragrances, and new products, such as solid perfumes are opening up the market to new customers. So, now is the time to find your ideal scent and wear it with pride. Whatever your fragrance preferences, there are many products out there for you to choose from, so you can find a scent that suits your unique personality and sense of style.