Tips for making your skincare routine more eco-friendly

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Written by Nigel Simpkins

Get A Bathroom Recycling Bin

You should not only get a recycling bin for your bathroom, but you should make sure to use it. There is a study which shows that only 1 out of 5 people in America actually take the time to recycle their skin care products. Most people already do this in the kitchen, however, when you also implement this in the bathroom, it will ensure that you recycle commonly used items such as your skincare products, toilet roll tubes, bottles of shampoo and conditioner etc. 

Use Everything

Now, before you toss an empty bottle into the recycling bin, you should make sure that there is no more product in those containers. So, even though a bottle or tube may appear to be empty, simply cut it open and you’ll realize that there is still a lot of product remaining on the sides or at the bottom. You can use a spatula or even a spoon to get out the remaining product. This is important to do because any container that still has 10% or more product in it will not get recycled. So, once you’re finished, make sure that you rinse all of the bottles and containers before you place it into the recycling bin

Finish Old Products Before Getting New Ones

When you’re into skincare, it can be quite easy to buy new and interesting products all the time, especially new ones that you want to try out. However, you should keep in mind that most beauty products have an expiry date. So, make sure that you finish using whatever products you currently have before buying new ones. This is not only good for Earth but also for your wallet. Also, if you have products that you don’t like using, you should try to find another way to use them instead of just throwing them out. 


Another way to reduce how much waste you create is to find another way to use things that you already have instead of throwing them away. For example, if you have a couple of empty toner bottles, you can use them as travel bottles for shampoo. Alternatively, if you have a couple of empty jars, you can use these to store your jewelry. You can even take old mascara wands and use them to comb and shape your eyebrows. It is possible to use serum droppers in order to measure essential oils or even use them in baking or even painting. You can also use old cleanser bottles to water your plants. What you do with your old containers and skincare items is only limited by your imagination. 

Look At The Ingredients

In order to become more environmentally friendly, it is good to start looking at the products that you use and the ingredients that they contain. It is a good idea to look for products that have vegan ingredients since these are good for the environment and they also reduce water waste. There are many microbeads which are used in numerous body washes, toothpaste and exfoliants which are not good for the environment and leads to microplastic waste. Due to this problem, we use microbeads which are made out of microcrystal. Additionally, there are ingredients in sunscreen and perfumes that are phthalates, parabens etc which are also bad for the environment and aquatic life. So, be sure to pay attention to product labels and if you’re unsure, simply stick to buying products from well known green brands, like Moroccan skin care.

Change Single Use

There are many single use beauty products such as disposable razors, cotton balls, sheet masks and more. So, it is definitely best to stop using these single use items and use reusable items. For example, instead of plastic poufs you should use washcloths that can be easily washed and reused many times. Instead of using plastic disposable razors, you should opt for steel safety razors. Instead of cotton balls, you should use reusable cotton pads. These small changes will barely affect your beauty routine but it will help the planet. 

Pay Attention To How Much Water You Use

Most people don’t pay much attention to how much water they use. However, this is a resource that needs to be conserved. So, find ways to reduce your water usage such as wetting your fingers with water to apply water to your face instead of splashing lots of water on it. While you brush your teeth, you should turn off the water until you need to use it again. These little changes will help you to save a lot of water every day. 

Select Products With Less Packaging

Unfortunately, a lot of packaging is used for beauty products and almost all end up being thrown away and in the landfill. You should select products that have eco-friendly packaging that is easily recycled. Even better, choose products that don’t have any packaging or even refillable types.