New Music Monday Issue #29

Written by JamieLDoherty

New week. New month. New you? New name for our favourites, Slutface! Sløtface, as I should now call them, had to come to the sad realisation that the grown up world of music requires a band name that can’t be reported as inappropriate on Facebook*. Gutting.



Regardless, here are three of my favourite artists with brand new songs to distract you from adulthood and making mature decisions – just in case you too were thinking of changing your name to something sensible.

*They’ve also got a new song out but we’re saving that for next week

Tokyo Police Club – PCH

[video: align:center]

Kicking us off in our gloriously immature New Music Monday is a band who’s previous song titles include ‘Toy Guns’, ‘Breakneck Speed’, and ‘Favourite Colour’ – a perfectly immature band to start with, if I do say so myself.

With three albums under their belt already, Tokyo Police Club are almost veterans of the quirky guitar-pop world. This single follows ‘Not My Girl’ as build up to their forthcoming EP, Mellon Collie And The Infinite Radness (Part 1), out next week.

‘PCH’, I believe taking it’s name from the Pacific Coast Highway, is a fittingly breezy number filled with light and airy melodies that could transport you somewhere far and sunny – exactly what we need whilst Spring tries to get it’s act together.

Birdy – Wild Horses

[video: align:center]

Next up in our immature New Music Monday is an artist that slightly entirely ruins the theme.

Having burst onto the music scene at the age of twelve (TWELVE!) by winning the Open Mic UK competition, she’s developed into a songwriter with maturity beyond her years – as demonstrated on her new album, Beautiful Lies.

‘Wild Horses’, taken from that album, is a wonderfully soothing and uplifting song. Vocally there’s a lot of similarities with another Kettle favourite, Frances, whilst adding a certain gospel kick to spice things up a little.

Broods – Free

[video: align:center]

Having already ruined our theme for this week, here’s a song about ‘…the kinds of things you face when it’s not just about being a kid anymore and having fun.’

It wasn’t even a good theme to begin with, was it?

Accompanied by a dark, industrial style video, ‘Free’ sees Broods show more of their, um, dark and industrial side. The synths are more intense and rhythmic, whilst singer Georgia Nott’s vocals have much more of an aggressive edge to them – clearly not impressed with the idea of being restrained.

Overall it’s a very engrossing and impressive insight into what’s to come from their next album.

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