Introducing: The bestselling sex you ever had

Let’s talk about sex (baby). It’s everywhere—centuries of ballads, poems, plays, novels, movies, songs, magazine articles – you name it, there’s one about sex.

Let’s talk about sex (baby). It’s everywhere—centuries of ballads, poems, plays, novels, movies, songs, magazine articles – you name it, there’s one about sex. Erotica has been around since Stone Age humans learnt to paint their conquests on the cave walls, just so other members of the clan would know who was getting some.

So why has there been a sudden buzz around TV shows, movies and books that contain a lot of sex?

Look at the bestselling, multi award winning series Game of Thrones. Ask someone who’s never read or watched it and they’ll probably say, ‘oh that medieval show with all the sex and dragons.’

While there’s nothing wrong with sex or dragons (though together they could lead to some awkward burns) but where is the appreciation for the engaging characters, the stunning scenery and the rolling plot? Even without all that repressed desire and Lannister lust it would still be a phenomenal story.

The increase in appeal

Admittedly there are those that rely totally on sex. The recent wave of thinly disguised porn such as 50 Shades of Grey, Bared to You and the like, which feature feeble plots propped up with repetitive, unrealistic sex scenes churned out with such little variety I’m starting to believe in George Orwell’s rotating-plot novel creating machine. 1984, by the way, has much more interesting sex scenes in it than 50 Shades of Grey.

So why do sexy scenes make us run scrambling for our wallets? There’s perhaps an element of compensation going on. The National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal) found that couples in the UK have sex on average only 3 times a month. And that’s okay.

Sometimes the real world lets us down – politics, the economy, that guy who keeps using your ketchup (if it has a post-it on it that means it’s MINE dammit!) all those unanswered job applications – there’s a lot that can kill your libido and make you hibernate on the sofa with a bottle of wine and the True Blood box-set, never mind forcing on the push-up bra and heading out on another Tinder instigated date.

In the midst of the Tweeting, Instagramming and plain old bad sex it’s no surprise that sometimes we want to fantasize about perfect, clothes ripping, bed breaking, home-run hitting coitus that leaves your legs shaking and your heart racing.

There’s no uncomfortable position switching, no “can you just move a bit… um… yeah?” This is not just sex – it’s rough, fantastical unbelievable sex, just how you always imagined it to be.

So wait—sex is normal and exciting? THAT’s why we’re so obsessed with watching and reading about it? Oh, looks like that dirty little secret isn’t so dirty after all. Or very secret either.

The trend will continue

There’s something universal about ‘making the beast with two backs’ which draws us in. The human fascination with taking off each other’s clothes is nothing new, Andrew Marvell’s ‘To His Coy Mistress’ is a down on both knees, desperate plea to his lady to just drop her drawers and “let [them] sport while [they] may.”

It’s just more poetic than EL James’ sickening, faux risqué pulp. There’s bluntness about sex in the modern cultural world—it happens, let’s make it look as good as possible. Now we’re freer to pursue these pleasures in society – instead of smuggling banned books over the borders we can stroll into our local, independent bookshop (…Amazon) and choose whatever takes our fancy.

Whether you want the seductive, kinky underworld of the 50 Shades genre erotica, or the tantalising, rippling masculinity on show in the new breed of adult television like The Tudors, Vikings or True Blood (is it me or is there something about the Skarsgaard brothers that is just so… Hmm?), there’s something for you to enjoy.

Sex isn’t a passing trend. In a year you won’t be seeing A-listers tweeting about how they are so over it, so there’s no doubt that sex will keep on selling. As for me, I’ve got a season of Game of Thrones to catch up on – so please, Do Not Disturb.

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