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How to introduce your other half to your parents?

This will always be a tender subject and no matter how much you try, it is guaranteed to be one of the most awkward situations of your life.

You have to remember you’ve probably spent months infatuated by everything this other person does. You love their little quirks but that doesn’t mean everyone else finds the way he or she plays with their hair just as adorable.

Oh and remember daddy’s little girls are the same as mummy’s little boys, you’re the apple of their eye, so even though the idea of introducing him to your doting dad is terrifying, remember you have to meet his mum. So be prepared to be grilled about your intentions.

Here’s my top 5 tips to make sure you make it out of the situation alive with an invitation to next weeks family dinner.

1. Make sure your parents are aware your other half is in fact your other half

The first time I met my boyfriends mum, he introduced me as a friend he had met from University. We spent a week in his hometown trying to work out if his mum knew I was his girlfriend or not, never mind me battling with those questions of ‘do you think your mum likes me’?

Where as when he met my parents, I’d spent a good week before hand prepping them with every tiny detail about him. From his favourite films to favourite foods. This resulted in a quick hello and a trip to Subway, which wasn’t too bad, no one can quiz each other if they’ve got a face full of food.

2. Think of a activity to do the first time you meet their parents

Do something fun, where you can all relax and just get to know each other. No one wants to sit down with strangers for a big fancy meal, its just too intimidating.

3. Warn each other of siblings

There’s nothing more scary for a guy than when he finally thinks he’s won over your dad to then see your two older brothers walk in a room. Dad’s are protective, but brothers are younger and crazier so essentially scarier.

4. Make an effort

Your winning them over not the other way round. You may be shy and thats ok but you don’t want to come across as not being interested so if they talk to you don’t just sit in silence.

5. Remember parents are human too

Parents only ever want the best for their children, so if you make their son/daughter happy, guaranteed they already love you for that reason. Its just as important for you to like them as it is for them to like you.

If all goes well these strangers could one day be your in-laws, so relax. Its only ever scary that first time. From then on you realise your other halves family is just as crazy as your own and you begin to look forward to the next time you’re all going to be together.

You have to remember your other half knows their family, they know what they would or wouldn’t approve of. If you didn’t meet those standards already, you wouldn’t be meeting them in the first place. So everything they love about you, their parents will too.

Anyway don’t be scared, this is just the beginning, this is the easy part! Just wait until the parents meet each other for the first time. Good luck!