My Top Five Beauty & Lifestyle Blogs

I am always on the hunt for new blogs to add to my ever growing list on Bloglovin. With that in mind I thought it would be worth offering my top five must-see blogs for your reading pleasure.


When I first began reading blogs Kaylah was the first one I stumbled across and I instantly fell in love. Her colourful personality and fashion sense is what drew me in to begin with, but she is so much more than that. Exploration is key throughout her posts and with an already intense interest in photography, all of her posts are filled with vibrant photos to accompany her beautiful writing style. She’s always updating, with inspirational outfits and not a post goes by where she isn’t as interesting as they come!

Fave post: Her Typical Ride outfit post.


Out of all the blogs mentioned, Zoe’s layout is my all time favourite. Simple and sleek she makes blogging look effortless. She does this all while being very honest about the difficulties she has faced turning blogging into her full time job – something that is definitely worth a read if this is a path you are looking to persue. 

Her alternative style is what makes her blog so wonderful and I can’t get enough of her informative punchy posts. Between you and me, she is one of my biggest inspirations and I can’t get enough of her blog!

Fave post: Her how-to guide on getting rainbow coloured hair.

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Created by Helen Anderson, a successful Youtuber who had me hooked from the beginning – the HelenAnderz blog oozes personality and passion in every post. Carefully selected, perfectly proportioned photography is intertwined with informative posts splattered with creativity and individuality.

Another ‘alternative’ blogger with beautifully coloured locks and an inspirational fashion sense. Helen injects every post with love and that is exactly what leaves me impatiently tapping my watch in anticipation of her new posts.

Fave post: All of her outfit posts! Specifically Party Vamp, which includes pieces from Motel Rocks.


A whimsical blog that just keeps on giving. Bursting at the seams with fashion and beauty advice, Helen delivers relevant information in a beautifully worded and picturesque way. The layout is silky smooth working perfectly with the simplistic style that runs throughout the blog. I am forever checking in on my favourite posts time and time again for fantastic beauty information.

Fave post: Her Summer beauty tips for keeping your skin looking tip top in the sunshine.


The professionalism in every post is undeniable and I’m constantly checking into Novelle Daily to keep updated with the latest beauty tips and tricks, as well as recipes and fashion must haves. Their layout is contemporary with easy navigation throughout and the variety of topics they cover never leaves me disappointed.

Fave post: Their Sun kissed skin staples

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Do you have a blog we should be reading? Let us know in the comments below, or email for the chance to be featured in future Kettle Mag posts!