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Tinderella: A heart felt tale of friendship, lust and sexting

This post goes somewhat against the title but allow me to explain. I first started talking to Jimbob Jr. (he picked his name for the article…) in February following a break up from ‘the one’. I didn’t actually meet Jimbob on Tinder, but another dating app, and I remember that it was his sense of humour drew me to him right from the outset.

Stereotypically good looking and possessing a cheeky, grin he was the sort of guy that was easy to talk to and made me smile. We spoke for a few weeks before I stupidly decided to start seeing someone that lived locally. Despite liking both guys, I opted for ease and feasibility, rather than the person I thought would be a better suited to me.

Why didn’t you go for poor Jimbob Jr, you might ask? Well, with him living in Kent and me residing in Essex – whilst it isn’t the other side of the world – it IS far enough to not be a particularly practical option. Especially considering I drive and he doesn’t.Oh and the fact that he’s still at university and I’m a highflying career woman. (hah!)

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I know I can get away with saying that as I’m still talking to Jimbob now. Despite leaving him in the lurch and dating someone else for two months, when I plucked up the courage to send him a snapchat simply saying ‘hey’, he responded as though we’d never stopped talking. I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean, but for me it reassures me that there are nice, genuine people out there. Apart from when he boldly asks me for nudes for ‘going awol’.

We have a crazy sort of ‘relationship’. I call it a relationship in terms of a rather muddled platonic-ship. There is a multitude of flirty texts, there are the cute ‘how’re you feeling?’ texts and I quite like the fact that he replies almost instantly. Huge. Ego. Boost.

It’s difficult to know where to go with this. I’ve recently started seeing someone, I think. I’m not actually sure where it’s going to be honest, but at the same time Jimbob is there, first and foremost as a friend that I’ve never met, but definitely someone that I could definitely be close to given the chance.

We do click well. He knows what to say to cheer me up on a bad day and he knows when to back off and give me space. Yet, he’s always there whenever I need to chat. I’m fully aware that this just makes me sound selfish. I’m also fully aware that it won’t last forever. One of us will get bored and move on to someone else. Truth be told it will probably be me. The longing for company will inevitably overcome me.

Jimbob has however taught me some valuable lessons:

  1. People can change entirely within the space of two months and want something completely different than before.
  2. That I long for someone to be around and separate counties isn’t ideal.
  3. That ugly snapchats are perfectly acceptable.
  4. The facial hair actually is REALLY attractive. (In light of recent snapchats. Thanks Jimbob.)
  5. That likeminded people are out there, and they are just as hilarious as you think you are.

Who knows what will happen?

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