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How to celebrate your first date: 5 romantic tips!

date night
Written by Nigel Simpkins

No matter how many times you have gone out on dates, planning a perfect first date still feels overwhelming, irrespective of how and when you meet or how long have you known the person for. It’s that opportunity where you make a lasting first impression and lay out the possibilities for future dates. This plays a crucial role in deciding whether or not you can be in a meaningful relationship with them.

You also get conscious about everything, ranging from what to wear to how and what to speak. You have a hard time planning whether a coffee date would be more suitable or a dinner date or maybe, a simple heart-to-heart conversation kinda walk.

Added to all of this, is the important step of considering what might happen if the first date turns out to be a successful one. If you think that sex is one of the possibilities, it’s always best to keep some protection handy. Non-latex skyn condoms are absolutely suited for this purpose, especially because it ensures both – sensitivity and comfort.

You need to make sure that you absolutely avoid certain things such as being late on the first date, checking your mobile phone every now and then, and talking about your ex (NEVER DO THIS!). A study says that 49% of singles admitted to the fact that talking about previous relationships acts as a major buzzkill.

So, are you a person confused and struggling with some first-date ideas? Here are 5 tips to your rescue:

1.     Going out for a walk

This is probably one of the most underrated first date ideas. Most people are in a bid to do something extraordinary on the first date to make a fine impression. But such simple old-school ideas are what make you and your date explore each other.

Going out for a walk to a peaceful place, getting to know each other on a deeper basis, having meaningful conversations, avoiding eye contact or a talk while holding hands, and grabbing some food on your way is one of the most romantic first dates ever. No matter how old-school it might appear.

Ensure being an active listener during your conversations. This makes your date feel heard and important.

2.     Performing each other’s hobbies together

This thoughtful date idea will definitely make you and your date bond on a deeper level since both of you would have a chance to be in your element of interest.

It will also help you to explore each other’s hobbies and don’t get me started on how fun it is! Plus, the fact that your partner is willing to try what you like (or vice versa) is extremely exciting.  

3.     Going to a carnival or an amusement park

This date idea will definitely bring a lot of enjoyment to you and your date. No matter how old you are, carnivals and parks make for some of the best first-date memories.

Going for rides, playing games, sitting together, and eating from the food stalls will not only be a source of fun and frolic but will also help you avoid awkward silences.

4.     Dinner and karaoke night

Oh, how fun it will be to go on a date with someone and not only share your love for food but also for songs. Dinner can act as the best catalyst for you guys to bond and share some special romantic moments, laughter, and embarrassing stories.                                                                                                                         

Plus, when you sing together, not caring about the world’s opinions – is sure to make you feel more connected to your partner. Or maybe, having someone by your side, sharing the embarrassment if you both couldn’t hit the tunes, isn’t also such a bad idea. It can be a fun experience for you both to reminisce and laugh later.

5.     Going to a bookstore

If you and your date have a fondness for books, then what’s better than going to a bookstore and checking out books together? This way, you both can show your areas of interest in books, have insightful discussions on some of your favorites, and bond in a unique yet beautiful way!

Over to you…

Being nervous before a first date is normal. But, the honest effort to make your date a successful one already says a lot about you. Just make sure to consider your date’s interest while planning the day, let the hopeless romantic inside you fly, be in the moment, and of course, enjoy!