Ways you can design your home

home decor
Written by C Wolsey

Do you want to design your dream home? With so much to decide on, it can be an overwhelming feat for DIY-lovers. However, if you plan and complete tasks room by room, it can be a lot more manageable. Don’t forget to get professional help for tasks like electrics rewiring to ensure it is done safely and correctly.

So, where do you begin? We’ve highlighted some pointers to help you get started so you can add a personal stamp to your home.

Colour schemes 

Choosing the right colour for your rooms is incredibly important. The connotations that lie behind certain colours should be considered when deciding which colour goes into which room. For example: yellow is upbeat and welcoming, a lovely colour for the living space, whilst blue is more open and refreshing, perfect for the bathroom.  

Inject colour through furniture and accessories like pillows, rugs, and throws. Paint one wall your chosen colour while keeping the other three a neutral tone so it isn’t overbearing and doesn’t remove any natural light in the room.

Remove dated fixtures 

This can include furniture that looks worse for wear, old light fixtures, and kitchen cabinets that have seen better days. The kitchen is, arguably, the most important part of the house, so pick cabinets and table tops to fit your style. There are plenty of designs available to suit all tastes and budgets for your DIY kitchen.

Light fixtures are easy to replace with something more modern and they add a touch of class to any rooms.

Freshen up the grout  

There is nothing worse than stained tiles and blackened grout in the bathroom and kitchen. It’s incredibly easy to spruce this up using natural remedies. Your bathroom and kitchen will have a new lease of life once the grout is cleaned.

Accessorise the rooms 

We don’t mean fill the rooms with clutter – pick items that accentuate your taste. Adding pillows, rugs, and throws adds texture to the room, while potted plants add a dash of natural greenery. If you have space that looks a little bare, add a candle or a pile of coffee table books.

The space is yours to get creative with. Try framed photos and artwork to add a touch of personality to the room. If you’re craving more light, consider stylish floor lamps and table lamps to brighten the space.

Use tools like Pinterest for home inspiration. Whatever your taste, you can plan by creating boards filled with ideas, so you can tell what matches and what doesn’t before you buy.  

Above all, remember to create a budget that works for you before beginning the designing process.