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How to celebrate a birthday in lockdown

Written by Hayley Scott

For many people spending their birthday in lockdown seems like no fun, however, you can help them turn it into a day full of games and laughter.

Majority of people are probably staying in their pyjamas or loungewear all day but for this special occasion, everyone could get dressed up or have a fancy dress theme.

Fancy dress costumes will probably be hard to get during this time due to the circumstances. Instead, you could come up with some ideas of what you could dress up as with everyday items that everyone has in their wardrobe.

It is easily done, for example;

  • Sports star- a white t-shirt and shorts with a sweatband can be a tennis player or wear a sports kit
  • Wedding guest- by wearing your fanciest clothes
  •  Ballerina- by wearing a pink dress
  • The stature of Liberty- Using a green bed sheet and making your crown and torch out of coloured card
  • An animal by using face paint and animal print clothing

Go online and get some ideas that will cost nothing by using items that you already have laying around. You could even pick each other’s costumes by putting names in one hat and outfits in another.

You could bake their favourite cake instead of a shop brought one.

It is always a good idea to have a plan set for the day so set an itinerary up before so you know what to follow throughout the day.

Example of an itinerary;

  • 9:00 Family fried breakfast
  • 10:00 Get dressed in costumes
  • 10:30 Open cards and presents
  • 11:30  Pictionary
  • 12:30  Afternoon tea with cakes in the garden
  • 14:00 Games (Scrabble, Monopoly, Twister, Hungry Hippos, apple bobbing)
  • 15:30 A game of the birthday girls choice
  • 16:45 Celebration drinks in the garden
  • 17:30 Eat special dinner
  • 18:45 Birthday scavenger hunt
  • 20:00 Toast the birthday girl and have birthday cake

There are lots of different choices out there just tailor them to what the birthday person likes and would enjoy.

Decorate the place with balloons and banners and if you cannot buy decorations from the shop why not make your own decorations? All you would need is some leftover wallpaper on the roll to make a banner and colourful paper to make paper chains you could even get some Christmas fairy lights out to put around the room.

Balloons, bunting and streamers are classic birthday decorations.

Due to the social distancing rules in place it is not possible for different households to mix. Because of this the people that you would usually invite to celebrate a special occasion are unable to join in. Instead you could schedule a zoom party with other family and friends that are not in the same household and do good old fashioned quiz together.

There are so many options you can pick from and make the day special for the birthday person who probably thought nothing would happen because of lockdown. Surprise them and have fun with everyone in your household as it is still possible to have fun during lockdown.

Set the table nicely for the special dinner and make an effort.