Why wood flooring Is worth the money

wooden floor
Written by Nigel Simpkins

When it comes to choosing the right type of floor for your home you may get confused. Whether to choose solid wood flooring or try laminates? Among the different options, available hardwood is the most popular choice for flooring, but they are costly. The question is it worth investing in wood flooring for your home or trying something else?

Cost of new wood flooring

If you start looking for solid wood flooring options you will find that there are many choices available in the market. The cost of the wooden floor will depend upon the type and grade of wood you are choosing. Woods of high grade are available on longer boards and do not have blemishes. The cheap ones do not have uniform color and have blemishes.

Thus, depending upon your budget you can choose the grade of the wood. Even the type of wood used for flooring is important. Maple and Oak are common while Sakura is costly and expensive. The next expense is the cost of installing. It will be more or less the same for all types of wood. The cost per square foot may be different depending upon the size of the room and the nooks and corners it has.

How durable is Hardwood?

Now that you have taken your decision and chosen the right solid wood for your home, you will again give it a thought, if it is worth the investment? There is no doubt that solid wood flooring is much more durable than any other type of flooring. The density of wood will indeed play a major role in its durability, but if you can maintain it regularly then you can enjoy it throughout your lifetime. There is one fear that if the floor gets scratched.

If the floor gets scratched then you may have to refinish it. Again you have to bear some cost, but if you compare it with the lifetime cost you will find that it is worthy and easy to maintain. Even if there are scratches all you need is to refine it. You do not have to change the whole floor. Many people will ask the number of times a floor can be refinished. Again it will depend upon the thickness of the floor. Every time you refinish the floor the top layer is removed. Still, you can expect it to last for years. Moreover, it increases the real estate value of the property too.