How private aviation has improved and why It’s becoming more popular

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Written by Nigel Simpkins

The aviation industry was hit pretty hard in the great recession of 2008, and it still hasn’t returned to the heights of profitability it was at before the markets crashed, but something interesting has happened over the course of the last decade as the industry has fought to pull itself back up. The private travel industry, which allows its customers to charter direct flights to their destination, has risen alongside its mainstream counterpart to a level it has never reached before.

There are a few key reasons for the growing popularity of this particular mode of travel, and here they are:


Though private jets have traditionally been seen as the domain of the ultra-rich and powerful, it’s not just movie stars and pontiffs who are travelling privately these days. Lower oil prices and the growing practice of selling the return legs of one-way journeys at a cut price have made private travel available to corporate travellers. In fact, a chartered jet can cost as little as four or five first class tickets on commercial airlines, so when businesses need to move more than a few of their employees around it may be the ideal option.


Another way private travel may appeal to the business traveller is that it can actually be much more convenient. Flights directly from the nearest airport to one’s destination are hard to come by unless you happen to be based near, and be headed to, a major terminal, but with private aviation this kind of flexibility is just part of the package. Plus, private hire assuages any concerns about security because it places the customer in control of who flies with them.


Overall, the number of people classified as ‘wealthy’ is on the rise and those with the means to afford such a luxury may be attracted to the ease and exclusivity of private hire. Combined with a growing range of entertainment options and other benefits like on board Wi-Fi, bespoke catering, and even actual beds for overnight flights, its easy to see just why travelling this way has so much allure.