Where are the most beautiful places to camp In Europe ?

les alps
Written by C Wolsey

Home to some of the world’s most beautiful mountains, valleys, rivers, and forests, Europe is the most fascinating continent to visit. The rich diversity on the continent cuts across different aspects, including its people, climate, animals, and cultures. A trip to this part of the world presents an opportunity for you to have the best camping holidays

Camping in Europe 

Camping is one of the best ways to explore Europe’s outdoor riches. By camping, you will develop new skills, connect with nature, see beautiful endangered animals, and eliminate stress. Lucky for you, there are several safe campsites across Europe; below are some of the best.

Lapland, Finland

Lapland is the best and most popular place to camp in Europe. The camp facilities in Lapland are open all year round, making it perfect for any family camping. Depending on the season, you could learn how to ski, swim, hike, hunt, canoe, and fish. Spending time in this camp will also allow you to experience the midnight sun. When booking a place in this camp, you must note that each camp facility comes with its specifications.

Trieste, Italy

Apart from the wines, Italy is also home to some of Europe’s best campsites. Located in the northeastern part of Italy, Trieste offers a relaxing and peaceful place to set up your tent and have the best camping holiday. Here, you get to eat naturally grown fruits, swim in lakes, and go rock climbing if you are a fan. This place is a getaway location for people looking to be free from the noisy world of machines. You also get to enjoy a great view if you can successfully reach the hilltop.

Landgoed de Barendonk, Netherlands

This is a campsite you must consider when going camping. The camp facilities in Landgoed de Barendonk are beautifully structured to allow people to keep in touch with civilization while connecting with nature. Here, you can rent bicycles, buy and enjoy your favorite tea and coffee, and kids can also enjoy playing games with friends. The accommodation options in this camp are limited due to high demand, which means you should book ahead of time.

San Biagio, Italy

Do you want to wake up every morning to the pleasant silence of nature and the beautiful scent of flowers? If yes, then San Biagio is the perfect place to pitch your tent for camping. Surrounded by Lake Garda, San Biagio is the most organized campsite in Europe. Here, you can see different varieties of flowers and enjoy a great view of the lake. The camp has restaurants and bars where you can enjoy delicious Italian food and wine.

Camping La Pointe, France

Located within a light, dense wooded forest, the camping La Pointe in France is one of the perfect places to camp. When camping here, you are advised to enjoy the wild by taking pictures and fishing in the saloon-infected lake nearby. If you are lucky, you will see animals like owls, deer, rare breeds of squirrels, and colorful birds.

Bottom Line

Camping in Europe has never been this easy and fun, so stop wasting time and book a visit to any of these places to experience Europe in its natural state. There is something available for everyone during every season of the year.