Why June caravan holidays are making a comeback

Written by Nigel Simpkins

It’s no secret that the popularity of going on a staycation in the UK, to one of the many caravan holiday parks up and down the country, is growing more and more each year.

In recent decades, caravans gained the misconception of being for the older generation only. However, this is far from the truth, and in actual fact, caravan holidays are for all ages looking for not only staycation accommodation, but great facilities to entertain and relax within.

With its boost in popularity in recent years, many have looked into purchasing their very own caravan from the many holiday parks around popular destinations within the UK.

So just why are caravan holidays making a comeback? Below are a few things we think could be a contributing factor to its boost in popularity with holidaymakers, within the June holidays, and beyond, once again.

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Holiday parks these days offer much more than just a place to stay. Places now offer entertainment throughout the day, swimming pools and other activity facilities.

Plus, if there’s something your holiday park doesn’t offer, but you wish to participate in whilst away, such as surfing or forest bathing, many local businesses and charities offer these activities to visitors, to help them discover the place in which they’re visiting.


Thanks to the endless coastline that wraps around the UK, there are a vast number of coastal holiday locations to choose from in a caravan. However, the UK isn’t just known for its idyllic beaches, but its wealth of enchanting woodlands, mountains and hilltops too, which could also make the perfect backdrop to your caravan staycation.


With many holiday parks offering you the perfect staycation, all companies are competing against one another to give you the best deal – which works out well for everyone looking for a break whilst on a budget.

With offers on nights and/or activities, there’s so much to do whatever your budget may be.

Personal space

Each caravan allows holidaymakers the chance to have their own personal space where they can retreat back to after each day of exploring. There’s no need to walk through a hotel lobby or share a lift with other holidaymakers heading back to their rooms either.

Plus, if holidaying with children, you aren’t confined to one shared room with multiple beds inside, and the only other room in your accommodation being the bathroom. Instead, a caravan offers you communal space which is your own, with bedrooms, meaning you don’t need to share with the kids.

Some static caravans also offer holidaymakers the opportunity to have a decking area outside, allowing you to have some of your own personal outdoor space too.

The nostalgia

One of the main reasons caravanning has seen a rise in popularity is due to holidaymakers seeking a little bit of nostalgia, especially if caravan holidays were a big thing in your childhood.

Letting your children experience the thrill and excitement of staying in a caravan, just like you once did as a child, can bring a lot of memories back, as well as create opportunities to create new ones.