How Paysafecard is keeping online casino players digital information secure

Written by Nigel Simpkins

Casino games are irresistible to many who enjoy the thrills of much-loved games like poker. However, according to a survey conducted by ComRes Global, 57% of Britons surveyed, are concerned about how much personal information they share online. 

This is a significant worry for gamblers who spend a considerable amount of time gaming online and inputting their details on various sites. The main concerns are people don’t want their data shared and used by other businesses. Plus, they worry criminals may access and use their information.

Paysafecard is a solution to these problems. It’s a prepayment card you can buy from local stores near you. And you can use it to deposit money into your casino wallet online to play, without revealing any personal details.

To discover more about the features and benefits of using Paysafecard at online casinos, and to prevent hackers and fraudsters, from stealing and tampering with your personal information. Below you can find more information about why it’s a necessity for online gamblers.

Shielding Your Personal Data Online

Although there are many options and ways to make payment online at casinos, Paysafecard online casinos offer complete anonymity. As a legitimate means of playing online, and betting real money, Paysafecard is approved and used by numerous casinos across the UK. 

Paysafecard Background 

Paysafecard was introduced in 2000. Since then, this company has built a reputation worldwide, as a trusted, fast and effective payment method across 43 countries. The Financial Conduct Authority has certified Paysafecard and regulates its use. As a long-established, trustworthy payment method, online casino players can confidently pay and play with Paysafecard.

Where Can You Buy A Paysafecard?

This payment method is currently accessible to buy from 650,000 shops. If you visit the Paysafecard website, there is an option to type in your area to find available shops near you that offer the prepayment card. 

Best Payment Method For Online Gambling 

Security is a top concern and priority for online casino players and gamers, and Paysafecard is the best solution to these problems. It allows gamblers and gamers to enjoy playing and betting online and removes the worry of someone gaining access to their details. 

How To Purchase And Use A Paysafecard

The Paysafecard is a prepayment card which is likened to a voucher. The value of the cards you can purchase range from as little as £10 up to £100. The amount loaded onto the card is then free for you to use in your own time. To pay with a Paysafecard, you need to use the 16 digit pin provided with the card. 

When purchasing Paysafe prepayment cards, none of your details are needed from the shop owner. And no private information is used or connected to the cards you buy either, which is excellent news for casino players that are concerned about privacy and safety online. 

Keep Track Of Spending Online With ‘My Paysafecard’ Account

Rather than worrying about keeping track of various PINs from multiple Paysafecards. You can use the ‘My Paysafecard’ e-wallet online to manage the PINs in one place. 

My Paysafecard ewallet is accessible when you create an account. All that’s required is your username and a password to log in. Minimizing the details needed from you allows Paysafecard to protect your identity as you play your favourite slot machine or card game online.

Keep On Top Of Spending At The Casino Online

The e-wallet is also where you can access a record of your spending. For people who like to play at casinos in person or online, it’s wise to set a limit. 

With an e-wallet, you can keep track of how much money you’ve spent at an online casino and so you’ll know whether there’s enough money to keep playing, or whether it’s time to call it quits. 

Stay Safe On Online Casinos With Paysafecard

Casino players often want privacy when they play. To immerse themselves into the game, preserving their identity helps with that. 

With no need to enter a name, address and bank details, there’s no concern for players about hackers, or their confidential information being sold to third parties. Paysafecard keeps those who love gambling online protected forever. 

Choosing a prepayment Paysafecard is one essential way to maintain a players safety online. The other is to always use trustworthy casinos online. 

In the UK, for instance, casinos need to gain a licence from the Gambling Commission. The Gambling Commission of Great Britain regulates and oversees gambling activity on and offline throughout the UK. It intends to promote fair gaming, prevent British players from being scammed and monitor casino operations.

Use Paysafecard At Online Casinos

For an enhanced casino experience online, and peace of mind, removing the potential of your confidential information being passed on, or used online is crucial. 

  • Paysafecard is convenient and accessible at most locations worldwide. You can find a nearby outlet using the Paysafecard website. 
  • You can add as much or as little credit as you like to the card.
  • Your details are not given at the point of transaction for the prepayment card, or online when placing a bet. Removing the need for you to input any bank details, prevents the risk of online criminals finding and stealing your data. 
  • Paysafecard is regulated and approved by the FCA, Gambling Commission and various casinos online. It’s a trustworthy and safe payment method.

Opposed to concerning yourself with worrying about potential online mishaps that could occur with your private information. Paysafecard is the smart choice for online casino lovers, who want to worry less and play more.