Kettlebell workouts for football players

Written by Nigel Simpkins

If players put in serious work off the pitch, then this will translate to superior physical ability on the pitch. Football today is highly paid sport, with betting companies like Vbet investing through sponsorship in footballer’s wellbeing and fitness programs.  One good and effective work out is with kettlebells, which can be bought for cheap and are a very versatile tool to help you.

This is a list of exercises that you can combine to make an efficient workout to help you on the football pitch.


This exercise is very simple. Place a kettlebell between your feet and then, keeping your back and chest straight, bend your knees and grab it with your hands. Your hips and ankles should be moving but not your torso. Lower the kettlebell back to the floor and then repeat.

Each set should be between 6 and 12 reps, depending on what you are trying to achieve. This will help with your acceleration and your capacity to get off the mark quickly.

Kettlebell press up and pull

This exercise can be quite tough at first, but it will really help your upper body strength for holding off opponents and beating them in the air. Get into the press up position with your hands on the kettlebells that will be on the floor. Do a press up and when you are at the top, bring one kettlebell to your chest and back down, and then the other.

Your sets should be a bit heavier than for deadlifts, with between 8 and 20 reps in each one.

Lunge and press

Get two kettlebells and hold them level with your shoulders. Step forward on one leg, and as you lower your body until both knees are at a ninety degree angle, lift the kettlebells as high as you can. Repeat with the other leg.

You can do this exercise with one or two kettlebells and aiming for between 5 and 12 reps per set. It will increase your speed as well as your jumping, so this is a very complimentary exercise with the others.


Let a pair of kettlebells hang at your side, your arms each side of you. Go down to the squat position, brace your core and leap as high as you can with your chest out. Then do it without the kettlebells and repeat it approximately three times for a set.

This should really help your explosivity and speed, meaning you’ll be able to get your top speed, which will have improved faster, and this is crucial for literally all the position, including goalkeeper.

Single leg Romanian deadlift

Take two kettlebells and hold them at your sides. Lean forward slightly, lifting one leg behind you but keeping your leg, your back and your arms straight. Stay at that point for a few seconds and then return to your original position. You should aim for between 5 and 12 reps per set per leg.

This exercise will improve your core strength and will also reduce your risk of muscle injury, as well as also improving your balance. It will improve your overall endurance and should always feature in your work out.

The swing

Get into a squat position and hold two kettlebells between your legs with straight arms. Burst out of the squat while making sure that your heels are stuck in the ground and swing the kettlebells so that they stop at shoulder level. Return to the previous position and repeat between five and twelve times per set.

This will improve your general fitness as well and should improve your stamina on the pitch. It is a good ending to the workout.