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Getting married soon? Take care of these 7 things right after

Written by Nigel Simpkins

Are you planning to get married soon? While professing your eternal love for each other in front of the world is extremely exciting, planning a wedding is not so much. You might think that the frenzy will be over as your wedding reception comes to an end. But after the wedding, there are plenty of other things you need to take care of as a married couple.

But don’t worry! We are here to help you get all the essential post-wedding work done.

Get Your Marriage License

In most cases, your wedding officiant will be responsible for filling out the paperwork for your marriage license. You’ll likely receive your wedding license in a few weeks and it’s a good idea to request multiple copies of it. Many places will require a certified wedding licence to update various documents. Requesting several copies beforehand will save you the hassle of going back and forth to get more copies.

Relive the Moments Through Social Media

Are you already feeling the blues and missing your glorious wedding day? It’s perfectly normal to feel that way. Unfortunately, your official wedding photographer and videographer will take time to develop and edit all the beautiful wedding photos. In the time being, you can head over to your social media and view everything your wedding guests have uploaded. You can easily search for photos from the wedding by typing in your wedding hashtag.

Get Your Wedding Outfit Cleaned & Preserved

Most brides and grooms spend a fortune on the perfect wedding dress or tux. If you’re in the same boat, it’s crucial to get your wedding outfit professionally cleaned. Apart from getting it cleaned, it’s also important to preserve it. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever wear it again, so make sure you store it properly. And who knows, maybe you’ll pass it on to your children in the future.

Write & Send Thank You Notes

All your wedding guests were kind enough to take time out of their busy schedules and celebrate your big day with you. Make sure you show your appreciation for their presence with a heartfelt thankyou note. You should send a note to every guest who attended your wedding, regardless if they sent you a wedding gift or not. Our best advice is to write and send your thank you notes as soon as you can.

Change Your Last Name (If You Want)

If you decided to take your spouse’s last name or both of you planned to take up a combined last name, now is the time to get it done. You would need a deed poll to apply for a name change. The process itself isn’t as complicated as you may assume. But it’s best to get started soon as it will take time to update your new name on all other documents.

Talk to Your Wedding Photographer & Videographer

If you want to give your creative input for your wedding photos and video, now is the time to do that. Talk to your wedding photographer and videographer and clearly communicate your ideas.

Close Up the Wedding Registry

Take a look at your wedding gifts and check if you’ve received two of the same thing. Many registries allow couples to exchange duplicate gifts, but there is a time limit to it. So if you want to exchange or return something, make sure you get it done on time. Also, many couples decide to keep their registry open for a year, which is a  long time. If you’ve received everything from your registry, it’s a good idea to close it up.

It’s said that throwing a wedding is easy, but marriage is a lot of work. Hopefully, this checklist helps you and your spouse move towards a future filled with love, compassion, understanding and forgiveness.