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Five date tips for boys

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Written by Emmi Bowles

Although it may seem like us girls are hard to read and we never know what we want – which is true- here are a few tips to help you out on that first date.

Pick-up lines don’t work

As much as you may think it is funny and cute in reality pick-up lines rarely work. If anything a pick up line will show off your true personality and it could just push a girl even further away from you. Once you get to know somebody the odd pick-up line here and there can be funny but on a first date or even before you ask her out they are mainly just cringe and a huge turn off.

Compliments are great but don’t overdo it

Everybody likes it when somebody else says something nice about them, whether it is about their appearance, their work or their personality. Hearing nice things is great, but sometimes compliment after compliment can get boring.

By all means say your date looks nice or you like their outfit, hair, laugh and so on but don’t spend the whole night complimenting them instead of actually talking an listening to each other.

If you are picking the venue, choose wisely

We all love the cinema but how are you meant to get to know somebody in the dark and in a situation that discourages you from talking? Make sure that you are both comfortable with where you go on the date. Don’t assume everybody drinks alcohol and wants to go to the pub or a bar, and not every girl wants to eat in front of a date.

Try something fun where you can both have a laugh whilst getting to know each other.










Share the conversation

Getting to know somebody is great but make sure that you take it in turns. After all that is what a conversation is. Asking her questions is brilliant, especially if you listen to the answer, but make sure you include information about yourself. At the end of the day she is there to get to know you better just like you are there to get to know her.

Dress to impress and smell good

The majority of girls love a guy who smells nice, and if you make an effort in your appearance then it will give off a positive vibe and good first impression. But remember your venue, don’t go in formal attire if you are going bowling, but don’t wear joggers and a T-shirt to a meal out at Nandos.