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Top Five Date Ideas

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Written by bethrochester

The pressures to have that perfect date is always there, whether it is the first time or the fiftieth. The ultimate thing that you have to both decide on is the place. Here are some top tips to find the perfect place to take a date without having to rely the trusty old, “Netflix and Chill”.


While everyone loves a nandos it’s not the best place to take a date if you want privacy or a range of food. Finding any hole in the wall restaurant is more likely to give a romantic setting and is much more original.

Sometimes you don’t even have to go to a restaurant, add even more originality and take a picnic to the local park or beach or if it’s raining you could even do it in your own front room, an easy way to go on a date and not a way that would break a student’s bank.


Going for walks, or even jog if the pair of you are athletic, can be an amazing date, take a walk around the local park, your local area or sometimes through the middle of your town. It’s not expensive, unless you stop somewhere, and you can have a good time taking a slow walk and getting to know each other in a relaxing setting.

You can also play tourist, showing your date your favourite places in your town can create a cute date and give your date an insight into your favourite things.

Don’t break the bank

It’s easy enough to find a date that doesn’t mean you’re spending everything you have in your bank account. Going bowling is one. A bowling alley isn’t expensive and you get to see if they have an extreme competitive side as well as if they can be a sore loser or winner.

Mini golf is another way to go on a date without having to spend all of your money, and another way of finding out if someone is a sore loser and if you have the ability to get past the treacherous windmill.

Animals aren’t always bad

Visiting a zoo can sometimes be a good place to go. There are plenty of things to talk about so you don’t always have to keep the conversation going by talking about yourself. You can also arrange to feed and pet the animals which would add something different to the date and would certainly give some originality to the idea.

If something with animals is the type of date you would like but you would rather not be able to smell them then the aquarium is perfect. Walking round and watching the interactions of all the fish can create some good topics of conversation and in some aquariums you are able to touch certain aquatic animals from crabs to starfish.

Netflix and Chill

If none of these suggests feel right you can always go back to the old faithful, Netflix and chill. As much as it now has bad connotations it’s not always a bad thing as you can always discuss the movie afterwards and you can always get to see the type of films that your date enjoys watching. Though unoriginal, visiting the cinema is always a good alternative.